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3.5 out of 5

2017 coupe

2018-04-20 20:45:13

Love the car,,could not be happier after 50 years of owning Mustangs,,,beware of "reviewers" pushing the 4 cyl boost eco,,I had a 4 banger in a mustang inflicted on me by a long gone ex,,hideous motor,,I couldn't care less about a stressed out small motor with lag,,noise etc,,,Most happy with the 305 hp,,if you want to pay thousands more in price and insurance buy a GT or find a used one with chico miles,,

2017 Ford Mustang

2017 Mustang V6

2017-05-07 00:14:39

Great car as usual. Ford makes a good product, and the reliability and dependability of their product is good as well. HOWEVER, the thing I don't like is how the Dealership at Capital Ford in Raleigh has treated me. The Sales person really didn't seem to care too much about selling the car for the car sells itself. He never did any overview on the car before handing me the keys, he was just in a rush to get it sold and out the door ? later come to find out there were a few options I had no clue about until checking youtube. Never new there was a button under the rear plate to unlock the rear trunk, never knew about the option that allows you to lower the windows before getting into the vehicle, never new about the hidden compartment in the glove box for the owners manual ??? Later I needed touch up paint, it's going on about 2 months now, seems like the parts department lost the touch up paint that I already paid for so then the guy behind the counter said to me - let me get your name and address and I'll re-order it and mail it to you ?? to this day still no touch up paint. Then a friend of mine who worked in an auto repair shop a 40 year mechanic told me that Ford is supposed to included a small bottle of touch up paint in your glove box when the car is new for free??? Then later I inquired about a stripe package for my car, talked to the dealership again, they said they'd have someone contact me ???? never got a call ???? like.....WTH ??? Seems like Ford loves to sell customer's cars, but not at all interested with making sure the customer knows what they're buying and not making sure that they follow up with the customer's needs - touch up paint, stripe kit ???? That is the last time I ever go back to Capital Ford in Raleigh for anything.

2017 Ford Mustang

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