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5.0 out of 5

So much more car than expected!!

2017-04-12 02:28:55

2017 SE has been stunning to drive and OWN. Over 31 MPH combined with the 2.0L PZEV and have NO clue what all the talk is of a balky trans? 6 speed double clutch Auto trans shifts like butter... up and down ... even when power shifting near red lines. Steering is razor keen with a turning circle I haven't seen in decades! They really did their homework in TUNING this suspension.... tracks so well and yet suspension is compliant on all road surfaces. The baby-Fusion ne: Aston Martin look is a real eye catcher. Classy and will age well. It simply WORKS.... quietly, smoothly and the pricing is GREAT compared to the Japanese and Korean alternatives. Fit is finish is very high end... no tacky plastics, great fabrics and again.... precision assembly. THIS is a REAL find and a keeper. Enjoy!

2017 Ford Focus

2010 Ford Focus S.E Sedan 4 Spd auto

2016-11-23 12:00:52

I get an average of 30 MPG driving 70% City 30% Hwy! When Ford gets rid of the Powershift DCT next year I plan to by a 4 Gen Focus if the new 9 speed auto, if it is Reliable! The 1.0 ltr turbo is great, with the traditional 6 speed automatic, but you can only buy it as a Sedan in 2017! Ford made a huge mistake not putting a Conventional 6 speed in the ST!

2017 Ford Focus

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