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4.5 out of 5

2017 ford escape

2018-06-12 20:31:36

Sorry rear view back up screen. The sunlight causes glare and you can't see a thing on it. Be careful that you don't back over someone. Need to come up with a fix.

2017 Ford Escape


2016-08-30 11:19:30

I just leased a 2017 Ford Escape & it DOES have the 2.0 Eco Boost Engine. Love it so far.

2017 Ford Escape

Love my 2.0L Escape 2014 Titanium AWD

2016-08-16 02:26:45

I love my Ford Escape Titanium AWD 2.0L , Love the power on the engine, NO problems at all on my car so far. I was getting ready to trade it for the new version 2017, but I just found out that the 2.0L engine it's not longer available, I'm so disappointed with this. I know all the 1.6L engine are trouble, I used to work in the Ford Dealerships and saw all the 1.6L with problems, but none of the 2.0L as far as I know. Thinking in Nissan Rouge but the engine has no power. I don't think I'm staying with Ford but either Rouge or CRV or Dodge, still checking.

2017 Ford Escape

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