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4.5 out of 5

Ford Escape Titanium is awesome.

humancafe 2018-12-25 12:15:32

My 2017 Ford Escape 2.0L FWD Titanium is a top of the line SUV bought new (was Costco holdover) at a substantial discount to MRSP. I had traded in my 2006 Escape Hybrid (103,000 miles, runs beautifully but batteries die when away for more than 30 days) for ICE after shopping Toyota and Nissan equivalents, but decided on Escape after test drive. This Escape Titanium is awesome! The electronics are beautiful, thanks to great Ford engineering. It drives like a dream on 19” wheels, stylish leather seats, zippy 2.0L ecoboost turbo, great visibility, has Vista roof, assisted cruise control, collision warning, blind spot warning lights, auto stop/start (with hybrid it was natural for me), smart sensing headlights and wipers, Navigation, Sync3 hands free voice control, backup camera with obstruction and cross traffic warnings, dual climate control, lane alert, keyless entry, remote start, active parking assist, and more. I tried the AID function on lane alert but turned it OFF when had to quickly counter steer to avoid being taken to unwanted lane, potentially dangerous. So this was a negative, but everything else is near perfect. Ford has built a really progressive vehicle, and if same features are built into their other cars, they have a winner, taking sales away from the competition. I’ve only had the car two weeks, 400 miles, and okay with 20-21mpg in city, better highway (dash shows mpg while driving), and the 8” dash screen is easy to read with touch control. The 10 speaker sound system is awesome. I’m thinking I like this vehicle more than expected! :-) Nice job Ford.

2017 Ford Escape

2017 ford escape

Ronald 2018-06-12 20:31:36

Sorry rear view back up screen. The sunlight causes glare and you can't see a thing on it. Be careful that you don't back over someone. Need to come up with a fix.

2017 Ford Escape


2016-08-30 11:19:30

I just leased a 2017 Ford Escape & it DOES have the 2.0 Eco Boost Engine. Love it so far.

2017 Ford Escape

Love my 2.0L Escape 2014 Titanium AWD

2016-08-16 02:26:45

I love my Ford Escape Titanium AWD 2.0L , Love the power on the engine, NO problems at all on my car so far. I was getting ready to trade it for the new version 2017, but I just found out that the 2.0L engine it's not longer available, I'm so disappointed with this. I know all the 1.6L engine are trouble, I used to work in the Ford Dealerships and saw all the 1.6L with problems, but none of the 2.0L as far as I know. Thinking in Nissan Rouge but the engine has no power. I don't think I'm staying with Ford but either Rouge or CRV or Dodge, still checking.

2017 Ford Escape

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