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Audi's $40,000 Go-Kart

2016-11-06 16:33:43

I've owned my 2016 Audi S3 Progressiv (as it's called in Canada) for a little under 1 year now. Since taking the keys back last November, I can confidently say that throughout both summer and winter months, the car has been an absolute pleasure to drive. Before I get into my actual review of the car, I feel like it's important for me to address the $40,000 elephant in the room; price. Because for more than a few thousand dollars less you can have yourself the S3's twin-brother over at VW. So why bother spending the extra few thousand just for the badge and a different interior? The answer will inevitably depend on what you're looking for in a vehicle. For me, I needed a trunk and 4 doors. I also came from an Audi and was offered more than my fair share of incentives, so sticking with the brand make perfect sense. If all you value the performance and a 6-speed manual transmission for the cheapest dollar, go and buy the Golf R. If however, the appeal of an Audi tickles your fancy, and the more premium feeling interior is something that you might enjoy, then spending a few thousand more on the S3 might be worth it. As for the car itself, the power is direct and comes on in no time, and the car is equally as playful in the corners where lift-off oversteer is as easy as, well, lifting off the gas mid corner. You never feel as though the power is too much to handle or that you're too inexperienced to drive the car. That however, may be it's Achilles heel. There are other cars available within it's price range that offer a more visceral driving experience and joie de vivre than the S3. The M235i, STi, Focus RS, and Evo X come to mind. Those cars will not only offer you a more raw and realistic driving experience, but will not be afraid to kick you in your ass if you don't pay attention. At just over $40,000 however, the S3 is a bargain, offering a fantastic package of speed, looks, and handling. Pair it with the Performance Package (as you should), and you'll seriously have fun in the corners. It's the best, and only option you need to check when considering buying one. Fully loaded however, there are better options available. Keep the cost down by opting only for the magnetic ride, and you'll never look back.

2017 Audi S3

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