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This is not about Golf but the poor service and quality of VW cars. Dont buy a VW

2016-08-17 04:57:25

I made a mistake to buy a Passat four years back. Has been more in Garage than road. Parts changed - flywheel, compressor, radiator, blower motor, camera, three electronic modules, cooling water motor, shock absorbers, three times they have had me change the disks and disk brake pads. The management never takes ownership. I suppose the company culture is reflected all across the world in short cahnging and cheating the customers. I bought because of VW brand and German engineering. Dont fall for this. It is better to buy a Japanese or Chinese cars they have customer orientation. The company has the audacity to say this is normal wear and tear. Worst is that the company does not take ownership once they have sold the car. You are always at the mercy of the service dealer as you cannot reach the seniort executives of the company or they care not to respond. No wonder that arrogance caught up with them and they are no longer trusted by anyone.The company has still not got in touch with me for the recall after they were caught in cheating emission norms. DONT BUY A VW car. Dont fall for the advertisements.

2016 Volkswagen Golf

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