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2016-07-02 05:19:01

I had a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. I was getting 32 mpg fuel economy out of that little compact SUV in the Spring & Fall, and 28 mpg in the Summer & Winter. The A/C, heater and fans seem to tax the hybrid system for some reason. I have a service dog that goes everywhere I go and he took up the whole back space when the 2nd row seats were up, but preferred having the 2nd row seats down so he could stretch out. There was no 3rd row seats in the Escape, but it worked for us. I really liked that SUV. At the end of this year my girlfriend is getting a service dog, so the Escape just will not do the job at that point. I began looking for a replacement. In 2008 when I bought the Ford Escape it was pretty much the same size as the Toyota Highlander. I picked the Ford because I liked the fuel economy better. Jump to 2016 and the Ford Escape no longer has a hybrid trim and the Toyota Highlander is 3 generations bigger. I was startled, when I went to the Toyota dealers lot for a test drive, at the size it had become. However this was just what I needed for the increased size family coming up in a few months. The ride was quiet, comfortable with great visibility. It has more 'Bells and Whistles' than I have uncovered yet, and I am enjoying each one I discover. The manuals keep me reading until late at night. There is a lot the Toyota engineers put in this SUV, such as the Navigation System, the Driver's Technology Package, the Telemetric System, the interface with my smart phone, and so much more. It use to be I just got in the car, turned the key and waited for it to warm up. This 2016 Highlander does not even have a key. I took a trip up the mountain to Reno (120 miles). I got 31 mpg (no A/C). I dove the day around Reno and got 28 mpg (no A/C). I drove home (120 miles) and got 34 mpg. I did use the basic, 'Pulse and glide' hipermiling technique, but was very happy with the results for big SUV nearing 5,000 pounds in weight. The only complaint I have thus far is when I raise the driver's seat full height the seat belt socket on the right gets lost in the seat custion.

2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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