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Daytime Running Lights Danger at Night

2016-04-18 00:54:29

I own a 2016 Toyota Corolla S Plus and the Daytime Running Lights have a switch integrated with the regular driving lights. All the lights are controlled on a switch arm to the left of the steering wheel. From the off position the DRLs are the first click and then the marker lights and then the head lights. The DRLs actually use the LED headlights at a lower wattage. At night the DRLs can be mistaken for your headlights even though they are not as bright. And if you are driving at night and are on the DRL position you have no taillights or any other lights on. A great way to get rear ended and killed. I find it to be the most dangerous and incompetent design next to the airbag mess that I have seen lately. This should be a recall top priority. Toyota needs to separate the DRLs from any other lights and put them on a light sensor alone. I can't believe this issue is not all over the net.

2016 Toyota Corolla


2016-02-08 14:21:19

having recently test driven a corolla, i also test drove a Buick Verano which is similarly sized. that's where similarities ended. The Buick was better by far in every respect. quieter, more powerful, much better equipped and all-around just a better car.

2016 Toyota Corolla

2015 S Plus CVT

2016-01-11 02:02:11

Purchased new. I am very Pleased, I have been getting 35 MPG average in town & 41 to 45 Hiway driving. Although I am burning Premium Fuel for that kind of mileage it's worth buying a better grade of gas. The ride is not as nice as my 1998 Camry XLE, But the Corolla having the low profile tires, I think is why the ride is rougher. But okay, I do like a firm riding car.

2016 Toyota Corolla


2015-12-08 07:04:25

The S model has a stiffer suspension so cornering ability is improved as is steering feel, but this results in a firmer ride that some might not like. Quality is outstanding. I have driven 3 of the 2015 & 2016 models all equipped with the CVT automatic, and while the EPA mileage is listed at 29/38 mpg and 35 average I got 25 city, 33 highway, and 28 average in all three cars.I am thinking the 6-speed manual will get better economy in the real world. If you don't get the S pack, you get rear drum brakes.You can buy these for $18K, but if you enjoy driving, might as well get the loaded version at $23K.

2016 Toyota Corolla

Bright Bay Mazda

2015-10-23 17:09:02

To: It MAY Concern:Bright Bay MazdaSunrise H’WayBay Shore NY 11706I Went to have my car checked on Friday Oct. 16,2015. Your service men Conner and Walter were terrific.Your service department is great.From:Mr Anthony Scarpa

2016 Toyota Corolla

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