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Long Term Camry Owner

2016-06-25 13:42:46

I bought my first Camry in December 1987 after being repeatedly disappointed in other American cars (Plymouth, Dodge, Mercury and Pontiac. I have purchased five Camry's in the past 29 years (1988, 1992, 2000 and my current ones a a 2005 Camry XLE which I bought for my wife as her first new car and a 2009 LE, which I drive). Our favorite is still the 2005 as you sit a bit higher and the ride and handling are still regal @ 110,000 miles. My 2009 @ 140,000 miles is still in great shape for handling, ride and mileage (30 per gallon). Every time I tell my son I am going to get a new car, he asks what kind will I buy? I just stare at him and say, "another Camry what else"? The only irritation I had with the current two cars was the front struts both had to be replaced in 38,000 to 40,000 miles. Otherwise, I have loved the ride, handling, gas mileage and reliability of all my Camry's through the years.

2016 Toyota Camry

1998 Toyota Camry (purchased used with 1,400 miles on it) - has 53,000 original miles now.

2015-10-25 15:52:03

This car doesn't owe me a thing! I love this car but I am still looking to purchase a new Toyota. After reading some of the reviews, I am somewhat skeptical about purchasing a new one. In the past, I had a Buick (purchased new). This car was a money pit; had the engine replaced 2 times and the car should have been painted "YELLOW"! Never again, no Buick ever!

2016 Toyota Camry

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