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3.5 out of 5

2016 Ram 1500 Rebel 4X4

Kieran 2021-02-07 00:51:30

I have owned 4 Ram 1500s since 2005. Each one seems to get better and better now I can say the bed was not alignment with the body of the truck on my 2013 but that seams to be the biggest problem I encountered with my 4 Rams. Now the 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel is the most impressive quality and value wise. I used to work as a quality engineer at an auto manufacturer plant (but I will not say which manufacturer but it was not for Mopar, Dodge, Ram or Chrysler) I am a satisfied owner of my 2016 Ram Rebel.

2016 RAM 1500

2016 Ram Big Horn

2016-08-11 14:44:17

Best truck yet, they just seem to get better and better ! Definitely recommend ! Will be buying more !

2016 RAM 1500

2016 RAM BIG HORN.....BUILT NOV. 2015.... PURCHASED DEC. 11/2015

2016-04-03 17:51:53

I have owned Dodge trucks since 1990. Four of them to date. Heading into retirement, I purchased a brand new 2016 Big Horn! Buying this truck was the BIGGEST MISTAKE that I have ever made. It begins with two rusted bumpers witch had to be replaced already. All of a sudden my new truck has been dismantled and not put back together properly. The front bumpers fender now sticks out past the bumper.! The rear bumper has a black mark embedded into the chrome, that doesn't come out . The trailer harness plug pulled out of the bumper while unplugging my trailer. So back to the shop for a second set of bumpers. Moving on,.. One rainy day I was removing my coveralls from my truck bed and they were wet. I then discovered a 1/4 in. hole in the bed. The bed has a factory spray in liner. The water was coming through the hole in the bed. Obviously the bed wasn't welded properly. Needless to say , they will be replacing the whole box! I don't want a patch job! Sure the Dealers say they will take care of the problems, but there shouldn't be any problems when you spend 60 grand on a vehicle! There is poor quality in the construction of these trucks nowadays. And furthermore any complaints fall on deaf ears! They don't care you spent 60 grand, just get it fixed and shut up. I have only 4,000 k. on this truck and its going through the mill already. I expect the worse is yet to come. I have lost the excitement of owning a new truck. Instead, I have got a sick feeling about the whole deal. I, for one don't recommend the Dodge Ram, It is a huge disappointment to me! Good luck to you If you decide to get one. My advice to you is check it over real well, before you take it off the lot, and make sure there s daylight. Rating -1 star.

2016 RAM 1500

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