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Dangerous DCT

2016-08-08 19:16:45

Please do not buy the 2016 Hyundai Tucson if you value your safety. Why? Imagine you are sitting at a traffic light. The light turns green, you press the gas pedal. The vehicle doesn’t move. You think you are in Neutral but the cluster shows Drive. You look at the shifter and it is in Drive. You look at the Emergency Parking Brake and it is off. Yet the vehicle will not move no matter how hard you hit the gas pedal and how high the RPMs go. Eventually you will get going forward but will you rear end someone or will they rear end or will you be pulling into traffic when this happens. It has happened to me on three occasions since I hit 11,000 miles. It is very scary to say the least. I took my vehicle to the dealership and they kept it for five days. They could not replicate the problem and they gave me my vehicle back; no solution and a good luck. I called Hyundai Consumer Affairs and spoke with a Case Manager; he said I am elevating your case because this a safety issue but yet no return phone calls. Also, Hyundai has no idea why this is happening.Hyundai needs to stop selling Hyundai Tucson until it can figure out the problem and solve it. They also need to provide full-time loaners to the over 160+ affected owners who are getting no assistance from the dealerships. If you want proof of the 160+ owners, check the NHTSA website. The complaints are there to include my own.I take no pleasure in writing this because I used to own a 2014 Hyundai Tucson. When I saw the 2016 in pictures, I drove the dealership crazy to get me into one. The exterior design is terrific and the interior is terrific. It is just a cool looking vehicle. The day I picked up the 2016 I was so excited and my first 9 months of ownership have been terrific. This last month though has been the worst. I am driving a vehicle which I am scare of because I have no idea when I might press the gas pedal and the vehicle won’t move. I drive the vehicle to/from work and errands but I am scared to death to take it on a trip.Please Hyundai, I beg you, please stop selling the Hyundai Tucson and provide immediate assistance to us owners who are having trouble with ours.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

2016 hyundai Tucson Limited Turbo

2016-01-02 15:15:51

Positives: Nice car, roomy, quiet, powerful, economical, panoramic sunroof, comfortable, rear seat heaters, front air condition and heated seats. Reclining back seats. Drives nice, lots of safety features. I do miss 3d view on Navigation, but I like the ability to do a split screen. Negatives: automatic tailgate opens when you walk behind (turned it off). A little transmission hesitation do to dual clutch. Hard plastic in some places. Temp digital readout hard to read on sunny day.I previously owned a Mazda cx5. This car is much quieter than it and most other small SUVs. If I had to purchase over again I would re-purchase this one. I have owned it for 5 months now at time of review.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

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