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4.0 out of 5

Uber driver

2016-03-05 14:57:23

I like the car a lot, esp w the value pkg w sunroof etc. I like the seats, feel great to me. Handling is very good, low CofG goes around a corner pretty good and absorbs bumps well, interior is almost luxurious, very peppy for a 1.8 but mine is not broken in w 200 miles. There is road noise, could be cheap Hankook tires? This is a business car for me w a 5 yr life at 20k miles per yr. I'll pay for the car 5 times over 5 yrs. Free oil changes every 3800 miles and a full 100k warranty means predictability for me and fixed costs to drive around in a very nice car. Sure a Panamera would be my choice but that's not gonna happen. I wouldn't waste my money on Mercedes et al. Its a comfortable cost effective place for me to spend hours carrying people around for money. I wouldn't even have a sedan if it wasn't for uber.

2016 Hyundai Elantra

The Car Hyundai Forgot About

2016-01-10 21:39:53

I would like to give a true opinion on the 2016 Hyundai Elantra Sport. The car is overall a nice car, but Hyundai decided to leave all the bell and whistles out of this model and they have no future plans to make the car any better. The car has plenty of room and decent pickup for a 4 cylinder. It shifts well and doesn't have any noticeable blind spots. If your looking for a basic car, then this might be just right for you.Now for the bad...I want to start by saying that Bluelink is horrible at best. Bluelink only has a couple of features for the Elantra. For example..You can start the car with Bluelink (on rare occasion it actually works) but you cannot turn it off. You cannot see a vehicle status but you can unlock the doors. Other models have this feature, but Hyundai decided this wasn't need for Elantra owners. The next thing I found annoying was you CANNOT start the car with the key fob. Just about every other auto makers has this feature, but Hyundai wants everyone to purchase the Bluelink subscription, so this was left out. I would also like to say that if you keep Bluelink deactivated they will permanently disable Bluelink and it will cost you over $500 to get it turned back on. After talking to Hyundai I discovered that the Elantra will not get Android Auto. Just about every other model will have it available, but us Elantra owners are left hanging. Hyundai decided to only offer Leather in the Limited edition. The cloth seats are made very cheaply and if you sit in the back you will see what I mean about being cheap.I also found the steering to be rather harsh. You get a good workout just trying to keep it on the road. The brakes work well and stops like you would expect froma new car.Hyundai makes good cars, but the Elantra is the red headed step child in the group. I suggest you pass on the Elantra and choose a model or makers that offers options or future upgrades. If you buy a 2016 you will be looking for more and not get it. I have emailed Hyundai's customer service and I get generic answers. I can tell you I will not buy another Elantra unless Hyundai decides to support the 2016 Elantras.

2016 Hyundai Elantra

Hyndais Fans

2015-11-15 13:21:55

Bought my 2013 Elantra LTD new. It has not disappointed me at all. I already knew about the mpg issue but it didn't deter me from test driving and buying it. I average about 32 mpg locally and three long drives (over 900 miles r/t) we averaged over 34 mpg. It's comfortable, quiet (for a compact), smooth and has a lot of extras. So satisfied we purchased a Sonata the following month which has proven to be a good choice as well. Along with a '07 Santa Fe (133,000 miles) that still runs like it did the day it was driven off the lot, we are very happy with the quality, workmanship and especially the service!

2016 Hyundai Elantra

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