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3.5 out of 5

2015 Mustang GT 2015 eco-boost Mustang 2016 GT Mustang

2016-04-20 02:19:53

2015 got totaled parked in front of my house, insurance paid it off and gave back down payment of $25,000 no more 2015 GTS with in 200 mile 360 so bought a 2015 eco-boost through everything at it to try and make it match my 15 GT nope nadda, So when the 2016 GT's came in I ordered myself one just the way I wanted it. Shadow black with the Pony package and 3.55 rear sets with 6-speed automatic transmission. Absolutely the best Mustang ever made by far, with only two mods a SCT tune and a cold air intake she runs a 12.2 @116 mph quarter mile time. That's with the jack and all factory equipment still on board the car. Also with the all season tires still on the car also. Bone stock she ran high 11 second quarter mile times at the strip with 9 1/2" MT slicks out back that was the same day it rolled off the show room floor. With the MT slicks my 0-30 mph went from 2.2 seconds to 1.6 seconds from 0-30 mph also my 0-60 times went from 4.5 to 3.9 second pass. 1/8th mile 7.8 at 109 mph and with all season tires went 8.1 at 107 mph 8th mile all time best. The cars track times are spot on with the drag-strip down to the 100th of a second. Race a 2016 Camaro the new light weight with the 376 ci. engine with the 8 speed automatic trans. He left on me at the light cause w-I-d-e summer only tires out back but I reeled him in at the top of second gear and never seen him after that. 2015 Z/28 ran from 30 mph with three beeps of my horn was a close run but I slowly pulled a head of him three out of three runs. The z/28 has the 2006 427.9 ci. corvette engine in it. 6-speed stick 3.93 rear sets and 11.5" rear tires and 11" front summer only tires. Hence the rolling start three horn beeps and go. Seen the same Z/28 at the drag-strip where he ran consistent 12.3's at 116.9 mph, we did get to race again from standing start he beat me getting to the other end but I ran a quicker ET 12.2 at 116.7 mph. If I had brought my Mickey Thompson slicks I would have smoked his $80,000.00 plus Camaro with my humble small block Ford Mustang. I think probably in the 11.7's high 7vens at somewhere around 107-109 mph with the lighter weight tire, wheel drag race combo set. the stock tire wheel combo weighs just over 60 lb.'s each. The drag star wheels weigh 15lb.'s each and the slicks weigh just over 12lb.'s each. The 3.5" skinny fronts are even lighter at 10lb.'s each wheel and tire weigh's 8.75lb.'s each. 244lb.'s stock all four tire wheel combo. drag-star wheel tire combo all four weigh 91.50lb.'s total. that is 153lb.'s off the wheels and tires. Go figure. My 2016 GT out the door Was $35,995.00 with everything the way I ordered it. Sweet deal from honest Christian dealer ship.

2016 Ford Mustang

Ford Quality

2016-01-10 06:49:52

I have a 2012 conv mustang , small engine . It is the worst car I have ever owned , since the 1982 mustang I bought. The paint is peeling for the second time, top is cracking, tires had to be replaced due to dry rot, and the delayed response when I accelerated almost got me killed when I was merging onto the highway. Taylor Ford's service manager refused to correct/repair any of the problems under warranty, extended warranty,product defect or any other theory.They even refused to honor a recall , with some specious excuse. Taylor Ford and Ford corp, if they were even contacted,are duplicitous double dealing people,whose only goal is to sell lousy cars and then refuse to honor the warranty. The product and the people are no better now than it was in 1982.I will never own a ford again. Seymour Schwartz

2016 Ford Mustang

2012 Mustang V6

2015-10-13 06:13:54

The outer appearance is awsome. They really put a lot into the front end, when you look straight at it, it looks mean. The inside is very sporty, except for the cup holders, when you try to shift, and have a cup in there, you miss shift, steering, I put it on sport mode, drives like an Indy car. Manual trans 1 thru 5 is great, but 6th gear it just bogs, don't have the sound. The motor, 305 HSP is great for a V6, each gear you run thru has that, can't touch the dash feel, the only thing wrong is I didn't get the sinc, and shaker radio. All in all I would give 4 stars

2016 Ford Mustang

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