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5.0 out of 5

Mr Jay

2016-07-16 03:07:50

This car is absolutely amazing!!! It's very comfortable. It did amazing on my trip back home from NYC to Orlando. It's bigger than my last car which was the 2012 Focus that I've had so many problems with it since the week I got it. The transmission slipped in it all the way to the dealership. That very same day, I wasn't expecting to get a brand new car that same day. I love my new 2016 Fusion, the only problem is that I haven't been getting the correct gas mileage ********* supposed to be getting, and it's also a bigger car than my focus so it handles a bit like a bigger car. But overall, I love it!!

2016 Ford Fusion

Exceeded my expectations

2016-02-19 08:59:16

Let me first say that I am a huge fan of a BMW vehicles. I've had BMW 3 series for 8 years but when it came time to trade it in for another BMW, the dealer was not willing to give me anything for my car. While market value was around $6000 for my car, dealer only offered me $1500. I thought it was a joke and walked away extremely disappointed. Unfortunately, as I found out most people are not interested in buying a 10 year old BMW even though mine was in a very good condition. I started shopping around for other brands including Lincoln, Mercedes, Infiniti, Subaru, and never expected to find myself at a Ford dealership. Actually, Ford Mustang caught my eye but the ride turned out to be too stiff. Decided to test driver a Fusion and absolutely fell in love with it. And when dealer offered to buy my BMW out for $3000, I traded it in and ended up in a brand new 2016 Ford Fusion 1.5L SE model, with leather seats, my touch, SYNC, backup camera, backup sensors, heated steering wheel, mirrors, push to start, remote starts, etc. It has more features that my old BMW never had. I absolutely love the way Fusion drives and handles. It is very quiet, precise, and solid. Potholes are muted, ride is composed, and avg mpg is around 32. Even got 40mpg on the highway. I've had it for about 6 months and it's been reliable so far. This car exceeded my expectation and I hope it will continue to be fun and reliable. Go FORD!!!

2016 Ford Fusion

Mr Dan

2015-12-23 07:02:08

The 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium actually caught my eye with the 2015 edition. I was leasing a 2013 BMW 328i Xdrive. As I got nearer to end of my BMW lease, I began looking at the 2016 model lineup of VW Passat, Ford Fusion, and Hyundai Sonata.One thing I found that made my drive in the BMW were the seats. Not that BMW isn't a quality brand, but the front seats, both driver & passenger weren't comfortable on rides of more than 2 1/2- 3 + hours. both in the seating and locations of door arm,pouch, etc. I attribute that to my shorter than average height at 5'-4". When I test drove the above 3 models, each with a sport seat style, I found the Titanium to have the most comfortable leather seats, front & rear. Also, the overall design of the cabin interior was most appealing & comfortably well designed. It has a richness & quality in each touch. The door handles, the console, the gear shift, the two-tone interior color. The BMW interior was all one color,throughout. As far as the mechanics, well, the Titanium can not reach the levels of speed vs. the 328i 4cyl turbo, but driving in New Jersey, the most traffic congested state in the nation, per sq.mile, who needs speed? The quietness & the handling is same as my BMW was. The total interior cabin, with it's nicer ambient lighting and the My Sync screen/display built into the dash, instead of protruding is more stylish. Titanium requires Regular gas vs. Super, equipped with regular tires vs. very expensive run-flats.(that require a $1400 warranty + a $50 deductible each occurrence). In summary, as I can go on & on, with Ford's offer of $3250 discount through JAN/2016 + $1000 finance discount and the $495 MySync discount, I turned my BMW 328i in 4 months early, paying off the remaining $1600 lease balance and never looked back. From the very 1st day, until now, (12/23/15) 9 weeks later, I am 100% in "love" with my Titanium. I am a 65 yr old male, smoker. And I have YET to have a cigarette while driving my Titanium. The surround sound stereo, the comfort of the driver's seat, the total ambience of the cabin make this car the most comfortable, the most pleasant, the most "mood" satisfying car I've yet to own, in my lifetime.

2016 Ford Fusion

Mr Greg TRurner

2015-10-28 05:32:56

I write this review from Australia, where the Fusion is sold as the Ford Mondeo. Mine is a 2016 Titanium Station Wagon, a model unavailable in the USA. It has a two Liter Diesel engine, also unavailable in the USA which is built to Euro 6 standards and does not have the VW curse of high emissions. The Ford UK site provides accredited information supporting that fact. Notwithstanding the engine difference, I am pleased to say Ford have this care absolutely right, the design is great to look at and enjoy in terms of comfort and ride, the car is well built (mine built in Valencia, Spain, but US build is excellent). The car drives beautifully, the safety provisions beat Mercedes, value for money is excellent and I'd recommend Fusions/Mondeos as great cars to anyone who wants a reliable, safe, comfortable and enjoyable car to own and drive. Build quality is excellent, Ford's service in Australia is *************** good to drive a car that's built and sold around the world.

2016 Ford Fusion

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