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2.5 out of 5


2016-08-01 15:19:39

If you want lots of problem go for it,My son bought a new one and I decided to get one too .Transmission fail twice ,is in the shop for over three weeks he has a warranty on it and yet they still want to charge him almost three thousand DOLLARS .It gave him problems WITH HARDLY NO MILES ON IT .I bought one since he didn't had the problem jet new also ,and at 5000 miles it also started giving me problems and the dealer just keep telling me is nothing.Forget about ford that is the worst .I will never buy from them again my neighbor just bought 2013 used and said it sound funny ,I told him why he didn't ask me about how where they,I could of safe him the time and money from purchasing it..PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH ON THEM THEY ARE A HOT MESS...GOOD LUCK

2016 Ford Fiesta

Junk Don't waste your money

2016-05-01 09:00:46

just junk

2016 Ford Fiesta

1.0L SFE Turbo 2015 Fiesta

2015-12-25 09:59:41

I've just rolled 20,000km on my SFE and am still loving this little car. The mileage is simply amazing with only hybrids bettering it. On the highway this is FAR FAR FAR quieter than any other car in its class (an important consideration for me as I put 40,000km/year on it). The seating position is great (I'm 5'10", so not exactly difficult to get it right for my size) and is comfortable for long hauls (my family of 3 did a 13 hour drive straight from Thunderbay to Muskoka and were still not in rough shape).The car came well equipped in it's SFE form, but there are some noteable items unavailable when you select the 1.0L 3 cylinder - most notably a block heater.For the money I adore this car.

2016 Ford Fiesta

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