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Chevy misses yet again

2016-05-29 10:52:12

Another piece of garbage by GM. I don't know how anyone can test drive one of these vehicles and then purchase it. Imagine it's 97 degrees outside and you pull up to a stop light and suddenly the car shuts off the air conditioner goes down to a very low speed so for the 2 or 3 minutes you're sitting at the stoplight you get to bake inside of your car.I just hope that someday before we have to build General Motors out yet again that they can hire some real Engineers that can actually do something with some common sense.For you to think that someone's going to want a car that shuts off every damn time you come to a stop of some sort you're insane. It's so bad in fact as you're sitting there at the stop light engine not running AC automatically goes down to low when the engine does kick on 30 seconds later whether you take your foot off the brake or not the steering wheel jerks.Another failure of a car for General Motors. A tenth grader would have more sense and building a car and he's more on third-rate Engineers they have at General Motors.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Limited

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