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Review of 2005 BMW 645ci Convertible

2015-10-05 16:36:45

Picked this one up for a steal while working as a used car salesman. Replaced the alternator and coolant reservoir, and put it use thereafter!This IS my daily driver...and I use it for a 1-hour (one-way) commute to work each day! At 120K miles, it's time for some control arms and some miscellaneous rubber items that have gotten worn or stiff over it's decade of use, but the engine is still strong, and leak free!It's geared for highway motoring to say the least, as the engine is loafing at 2300 rpm while cruising at 80mph. Driver seat leather has worn a bit on the left bolter, but the paint and interior has held up nicely. Surprisingly absent of the squeaks and creaks that lesser 10-year old cars would be plagued with by now.I've had other luxury convertibles before, but for some reason, this particular car elicits a bit of road rage by some drivers...if I had a nickel for every /Honda/Kia/(actually any brand) that suddenly decided to roar past me on the highway at 110 mph upon coming into view...The car is drop dead gorgeous, and except for the taillight treatment, still looks like the newer models.As far as $$$ maintenance? Most or the parts are not particularly expensive, but like any other used vehicle, not having any mechanical aptitude whatsoever will turn any repair costs into a mortgage payment!

2016 BMW 650

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