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3.5 out of 5

Extremely pleased

bbeste 2019-11-02 14:39:41

This review is of a 2016 Q5 3.0t s-line with sport seats, Bang and Olufsen stereo upgrade, navigation, and a bunch of other options. I was originally planning to purchase another Porsche Macan, but opted for the 3 liter Q5. To give you an idea of where I’m coming from, I’ve only owned Porsches for the last 35 years (with the exception of having a BMW M5 as an extra car in the late 90s) so I was very wary about purchasing the Audi. I’ve owned two 944s, a bunch of 911s, two Cayennes and a Macan S. I quite like the Macan as an everyday vehicle, and planned to purchase another for my SO (although I was considering the base model). While shopping, a salesman suggested I take a look at the Q5 3.0t. I wasn’t impressed with the exterior of the vehicle (it was nice, understated, but hardly “sporty”), but I really liked the interior cabin, especially with the sport seats and black headliner. While it doesn’t have all the bells, buttons, and whistles of its Porsche sibling, it very comfortable, ergonomic, with utilitarian simplicity. I wasn’t wild that the display screen was smaller than I would have preferred and lacked touch screen capability, and that the MMI interface seemed less than intuitive (more on this later). The vehicle I end up buying was pretty much loaded. In fact, I really can’t think of any other options I’d want to put in it. While it is decidedly not a performance vehicle, as an everyday ride it is exceedingly capable, and it’s only when you push it to extremes that you begin to notice any shortcomings. My supercharged 3.0t with Tiptronic is quicker than the Audi official spec with regard to 0-60 acceleration by a bit (and should one ever choose to chip the car the software available can make the vehicle surpass the specs for an SQ5, while delivering better than stock gas mileage). Engine performance exceeds the base Macan, and the I much prefer the supercharger to a turbocharger. I generally keep the DriveSelect in Dynamic mode. Handling is great for everyday driving, however at excessive speeds (faster than most are likely to drive, approaching the governed top end) I have become acutely aware of why the additional cost, and suspension advancements, of the Porsche make a difference (keep it under 90 and you’ll have no issues). The ride is quiet, comfortable with adequate road feel, and it’s surprisingly fun to drive. For those that care, I average about 17mpg is mixed highway/city, but I admittedly am a spirited driver. As others have stated, the motor does burn oil (about a quart or so every 10k miles), which is typical for the vehicle. My initial concerns about the lack of touch screen and the MMI interface were unfounded. In relatively short order I became familiar with the MMI to the point that for most functions there is. O need to even glance down at the console (although when selecting buttons for MMI mode, or sub mode, I sometimes still need to look to make sure I’m pressing the correct button). I really like the ability to used SD cards, and I keep a sizable music collection (100gb+) in the car at all times. The jukebox option seems worthless to me unless the vehicle were to be equipped with a larger hard drive. The Bang and Olufsen sounds great, although I would appreciate more software control over settings. While I’m behind the wheel I’m a very happy driver. When I get out of the Q5 the only “downside” is that it doesn’t look like the vehicles that I identify with and have always driven. The plus to that is that the Q5 is less “precious” and I don’t feel like I have to park it at the far side of the lot, away from everything. You can comfortably fit 4 adults, and carry a decent amount in the cargo area. Included roof rails are a real plus. No matter what others may say, the 3.0t is smoother, faster and quieter than the 2 liter, and I personally would not be happy with the smaller motor. I’m generally pretty picky with is comes to what I drive, and quite candidly I’m quite surprised at how much I like, and genuinely enjoy, this vehicle.

2016 Audi Q5

Bought one used.. good ride, good 4WD ... comfortable but...

wastiger2 2018-04-25 18:25:23

I would agree with the assessment in which the author is noting the inability to close the hatch automatically, but why end there? Extremely inept and very poor Bluetooth connectivity "times out" of media play for about a 30 second period, then receives the Bluetooth connection, and plays that particular message or call, then upon disconnection, once AGAIN the sound times out for another 20-30 seconds ... LOL I also own a Mazda CX5 that works much better than this German engineered buffoon of a product! Then there is the fact that no back up camera is available in a 2016 base model... REALLY Audi, RU that cheap? ... I wish I also had known, Audi is apparently thirsty for oil??? I have NEVER owned a car that required an additional quart of oil in between oil changes... OMG... when I get rid of this POS... I will never be back to an Audi... 2 stars only because of the header information...

2016 Audi Q5

AUDI 2016 - Q5

2016-04-14 12:03:26

1) one is UNABLE to close the trunk door by either using the key fib or from drivers seat opener. This inability to close by means other than to push the trunk button is a MAJOR NUISANCE. This means that rain, snow or sleet you have to physically be OUT of your car to close the trunk.PS- my 2004 LEXUS RX330 had this feature--SHAME ON AUDI2) The front seat track railings have FULLY EXPOSED NUTS AND BOLTS-- the finish is an EYESORE, LOOKS HORRIBLE.

2016 Audi Q5

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