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2.5 out of 5

Bought one used.. good ride, good 4WD ... comfortable but...

2018-04-25 18:25:23

I would agree with the assessment in which the author is noting the inability to close the hatch automatically, but why end there? Extremely inept and very poor Bluetooth connectivity "times out" of media play for about a 30 second period, then receives the Bluetooth connection, and plays that particular message or call, then upon disconnection, once AGAIN the sound times out for another 20-30 seconds ... LOL I also own a Mazda CX5 that works much better than this German engineered buffoon of a product! Then there is the fact that no back up camera is available in a 2016 base model... REALLY Audi, RU that cheap? ... I wish I also had known, Audi is apparently thirsty for oil??? I have NEVER owned a car that required an additional quart of oil in between oil changes... OMG... when I get rid of this POS... I will never be back to an Audi... 2 stars only because of the header information...

2016 Audi Q5

AUDI 2016 - Q5

2016-04-14 12:03:26

1) one is UNABLE to close the trunk door by either using the key fib or from drivers seat opener. This inability to close by means other than to push the trunk button is a MAJOR NUISANCE. This means that rain, snow or sleet you have to physically be OUT of your car to close the trunk.PS- my 2004 LEXUS RX330 had this feature--SHAME ON AUDI2) The front seat track railings have FULLY EXPOSED NUTS AND BOLTS-- the finish is an EYESORE, LOOKS HORRIBLE.

2016 Audi Q5

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