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How would you describe sex - succinctly - to an adult virgin?

2016-01-21 23:14:39

Well that's how you would describe driving an Alfa to someone who never has. I have driven, in the last 55 years, everything from a Good humor truck to a 427 Cobra.Foreign, domestic, shiny new, falling apart; huge, tiny, terrifyingly fast to dangerously slow. But there is nothing as magical, as downright PERSONAL as an Alfa.The first Alfa I drove was a 1959 Spyder, a 4 cylinder roadster. Nothing about the experience related to any other vehicle I ever drove before or since. It wasn't fast, or torquey or powerful or loud or luxurious or dependable or simple or anything.....automotive....sort of. It was like a new relationship with a beautiful woman who knows she's beautiful and pretends to be rich while you pay the bills - willingly. You're not good enough for her an you both know it. But she tolerates you because you're nice, you mean well, and you love her with everything in you. And then, one day she's gone, like you knew she would be, and you will never forget her - until you drive the 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C. How can I describe the miraculous handling, braking and engine sound? Test drive one - or be a virgin for the rest of your life.

2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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