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2.5 out of 5

Monica D

2016-05-26 15:26:41

I just got rid of my 2015 Golf TSI. It had about 25,000 miles on it. I enjoyed the car, but the transmission really seemed to be loud and shift funny. For instance, when you put it in reverse and tried to ease out of a parking space, it felt as if the car was going to turn off. Right before I traded it, the transmission light started to come on when I would crank it first thing in the morning. I took it in to the dealer and they said that they had to call VW about the problem. They said that it was a "soft" transmission problem and not a "hard" transmission problem. They said it was a computer malfunction and they had to set everything back to factory settings. I am not sure what that meant, but I was sure that I didn't want to keep making payments on a car with weird transmission problems and computer issues. I was kind of sad, though...it was a cute, fun little car. I just was weary that it was going to be a thorn in my side. Sorry VW!

2015 Volkswagen Golf

Great looking and fun to drive........ when its not in the shop!

AOL user 2015-02-10 17:23:24

I bought my 2015 Golf SEL in December 2014. The navigation wouldn't work the day I bought it, I had to take the car back about 4 times and a total of around 14 days of it being in the shop till it finally got fixed. Tip: If you call VW Corporate the dealership will stop dragging their feet. Which I had to do three times. Now the only other problem is when you take off from being stopped, especially when turning left the car feels like its wobbling. Its really strange and I have to take it back again. If you look online it seems to be a common problem among the new 2015 Golfs. VW seems to be the only one unaware of the problem. Also shakes when going faster then 75 MPH. Other then ************** a great car, I feel like I'm driving a BMW when I'm not pulling away from a stop. The most annoying thing is VW doesn't even seem to care that the first month I had the car, they had the car more then me. No letters apologizing, no call from the manager, no free floor mats.......nothing. Definitely do not buy this car unless you get them to double the warranty. I kind of regret trading in my Hyundai Accent now. :(

2015 Volkswagen Golf

about the car

AOL user 2014-10-16 12:26:21

its eh..

2015 Volkswagen Golf

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