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AOL user 2015-09-27 06:32:58

I absolutely loved my Armada until about two years ago. My emergency brake light started coming on while driving which would prevent the actual brakes from working. Now, the brake light comes on at least once a week and I have even gotten into an accident because of it because the actual brakes don't work once that light comes on. I have to pull over, stop the car, turn it off, and turn it back on again which I guess resets the system letting it know that I didn't actually turn on the emergency brakes. I. have taken it to the dealer and to other shops. Instead of actually fixing the problem I've been charged thousands. The dealer has told me that they can't fix it unless it happens. The sad thing about that is when it happens my actual brakes basically go out so they want me to drive it to them. Ugh! This is so unsafe and I have two little ones.

2015 Nissan Armada

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