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2015 Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic Sedan ... Brilliant But ....

2015-01-09 08:29:51

Heading into my forth month of ownership, I can't help but being impressed with the absolute brilliance of this car's design and execution. It is the consummate compact luxury sport sedan. Its styling is eye catching and distinctive enough to make it stand out in even a crowded shopping mall parking ******** interior looks and feels very upscale, and its little turbo four banger is an eager overachiever. It is really, really, good. Although the C400 version of this car offers an enticing boost in brute force, the C300's smaller engine really does quite well. With 0-60 times in the low to mid 6 second range, it does not lack for passing power or entrance ramp acceleration. Although neither its engine sound nor its exhaust note will raise too many goose bumps, it is quick and is capable of generating fuel economy numbers in the 30 mpg range during sedate highway jaunts. The C300 also feels very light on its feet, and although its steering is weighted a bit too light for my taste, it can be tossed around through some pretty tight cornering situations without losing its composure. There are three suspension choices available for this car; a base, a somewhat softer luxury version, a tighter sport, and an adjustable "Airmatic." I found the sport version too firm for what I was looking for in this car, so stayed with the standard base, steel setup. This is not a soft and cushy ride at all. In fact, even the base suspension feels firm over harsh surfaces, and can get loud over broken pavement and potholes. Realistically, that's more a function of the run flat tires that are standard ... these tend to be less compliant than standard tires. Interior comfort is always excellent. Reliability, unfortunately, has been a trouble spot. Two recalls, bad alignment, poorly fit fuel filler door, blown external door light, and "bleeding" MB-Tex seat material have undermined my confidence in this otherwise superb vehicle.

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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