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Jeep Renegade - 2015

2016-08-13 08:19:27

I love everything about my Renegade. Had an Audi and wanted something higher off the road. I am a young senior citizen and love the width (passenger not too close) and shortness (easy to back up). It is fun and gets good gas mileage. Love Sirius and easy to read speed. Only complaint is it is noisy with windows down and noisy with fan on if talking on phone. Otherwise, just love the fun of driving it.

2015 Jeep Renegade

My Renegade

2015-04-28 09:00:12

I got the first Renegade in Central New York. It's giving me on overall average 28 mpg during the break in period. That's 10 more than my Liberty gave me at best . The comfort is as good as anything I've owned with the leather seats which are heated as well as the leather wrapped steering wheel. I love the blue tooth with steering wheel conrols and the one year of Sirius radio. It handles like the long ********* based on. A bit twitchy with a close ratio rack and pinion but once used to it I felt very comfortable with it. I love the 9 speed auto as it helps me keep my mileage in check and I watch the dashboard display to see where my heavy foot can be pulled back. It has a "manual" shift mode for those of you control freaks. I've yet to need the 4 wheel drive options as front drive takes me anywhere I need to go. A month's worth of groceries fit under the tailgate with the back seats up but then I'm a single senior citizen so I don't eat much. This is one very capable little SUV.

2015 Jeep Renegade

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