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5.0 out of 5

My Second Large Infinity Model

johnthesilverfox 2020-03-12 12:54:16

I previously owned a 2012 M37 and drove it for 7 years without trouble. Dealer service was exceptional. At 70,000 miles the exhaust resonator went bad. Replacement cost was $4000, and Infinity repaired it free of charge. Also my dealer always offered me or gave me a new Infinity loaner vehicle, even when I went in for an oil change. In February 2019 I purchased a fully equipped Q70L. Acceleration of the V-6 is comparable to a V-8 and rated at 330 horsepower and is greater than what BMW and Audi offer. I like that you sit further back from the dash in the Q70. The backseat area in the L version is huge. In fact in China the car is considered a limmosene. Ride is smooth, and I love it when I floor the accelerator and hear the growl of the exhaust. I have owned BMWs and Lexus's. The BMW dealers don't treat you as well as the Infiniti dealers. In my city the BMW dealership does not offer a loaner car. I love the car.


Infiniti built a better car. You ought to test drive one!

2015-10-18 11:08:33

2015 Q70S AWD is a well engineered and well crafted car and the attention to detail shows both inside and outside. If I hadn't driven the car, which was mostly by chance, I would not have put this car on my list because the price was the same to slightly higher than the Audi A6, Mercedes E350 and BMW 5 and 4 series Grand Coupe. The Mercedes and BMW dealers were discounting so aggressively that leasing either would have been cheaper than the Q70. So, why did I pick the Infiniti after driving and testing all 3 major competitors and the Jaguar XF? First, the 3.7 engine and driving dynamics of the Infiniti was better. The acceleration is smoother, faster and the car just felt better in the turns. The driver aids are also very well implemented and I found them easier to use than on either the BMW or Mercedes. The interior fit and finish on this car was also the best in my opinion. In terms of styling, I guess it comes down to aesthetics. I did not consider the Lexus GS because of styling. Many seem to love it. The German and Jaguar all had good styling. I preferred the BMW 4 series slightly but the overall space and interior quality of the Q70 was simply way better than the 4 series. Finally, I feel after having driven this car for 3 months now, the Infiniti is a worthy contender in this ************* refined inside and out and is technically a very sophisticated car. It isn't the best car if 'status-conscious' is at the top of your list - it isn't a poor mans Mercedes or BMW or Audi since it costs about the same. But, trust me you're getting more car for the money. This is truly a solid value overall.

2015 Infiniti Q70L

Absolutely Astounding

AOL user 2015-01-13 22:23:24

Our new Q70L is an awesome automobile. We purchased the 3.7 AWD. With all packages. Exterior styling, especially on the front end is amazing. Side profile is awesome with the extended wheelbase. Rear passenger leg room surpasses that of a 7 Series BMW. The build quality is superior to any other luxury car we looked at. Hesitated on getting the 3.7 liter, vice the 5.6 liter, but the V6 performs admirably. Great torque curve for a V6. Highly recommend that anyone in the market for a well engineered, awesome luxury sedan, with massive rear passenger room and comfort go their local Infiniti dealer and check it out.

2015 Infiniti Q70L

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