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2015 Accord Lx

2016-01-20 15:22:08

Leasing this vehicle, got it in March, 2015. Since this is to be our daily driver we went for the 15k/yr lease. Dealership was excellent, ok - the paperwork was extensive but they did everything they could to make it easy. The idea was for the Honda to be the around town vehicle saving our second car, a Lexus, for highway trips. However I found that I now prefer the Honda because of the great gas mileage and easier handling on the highway as well as around town. Only complaint is that the ride is just a bit choppy and crisp and, yes I know, it's a tradeoff for greater handling but I believe that Honda erred a bit in this tradeoff. At 12k miles we have only had the car back to the dealer for regular maintenance. The Honda is on the go all the time, sometimes going right back out on the road when one driver is done with his/her errands. Now considering dumping the Lexus and getting a more up-level Accord (Acura ???).

2015 Honda Accord

Honda Accord Galpin Honda Mission Hills

2015-10-28 03:26:09

We had the pleasure of purchasing an Accord from Sevan Behjou yesterday from Galpin Honda in Mission Hills. Sevan was knowledgeable, patient, personable and professional, even though we came in toward closing time. It would have been understandable if she had encouraged us to come in the next day, which we told her we were more than willing to do, but instead she did all she could to make us feel comfortable doing whatever worked for us. Her willingness to deliver great customer service despite the long day for her is a testament to her professionalism and dedication. The whole staff was wonderful; we were greeted right when we came on the lot and when the person we had been communicating with via email the day before wasn't available, they paired us with Sevan. The dealership was surprisingly busy for the hour it was, about an hour before closing, yet we were approached by several individuals to make sure we were being helped the few minutes we waited for her and each one of them also offered us beverages. Each customer in there seemed to be getting great service like that. On a side note, I was impressed by all of the activities there were for kids and the snack bar - having had to take a small child to dealerships before, that can be a real lifesaver for parents. We were not sure we were going to purchase a car and were clear about it, but were still given professional and great service without a hard sell. We didn't feel pressured, just invited to buy if it worked for us. The finance associate, Stepan Vardanyan, was also amazing despite the late night for him as well. He made sure all of the paperwork was filled out correctly, he took the time to explain everything and made sure that it all got handled exactly as it should be. When they brought the car around, they had not only detailed it but filled it up with gas! That was an especially nice touch because by then it was pretty late and it would have been completely understandable to let some things go. Continuing with her awesome customer service, Sevan surprised us by still being there after financing got handled. Although someone else could have easily answered any questions we had about the car, she stayed and took the time to explain all of the features on the car, helped set up my phone, clock, etc. Thank you, Sevan (and everyone else), for making our experience a great one and making us thankful we made the drive down last night. We were expecting to get a great car based on the research, the reviews and your reputation. The extraordinary service and great teamwork was an unexpected delight. In acknowledging your awesome customer service, I almost forgot to even say anything about the actual car: We LOVE the car. It is just great, exactly what I wanted, what I thought it would be, perfect color, everything. Sevan even called me the next day to make sure we were happy with the car and to see if we had any questions. That's the really amazing thing about your dealership - usually it's mostly about the car for the buyer and the sale for the dealership. We really felt appreciated and taken care of as customers. Thank you for one of the most outstanding customer service experiences we've ever had AND for a great vehicle I'm sure we will enjoy for many years.

2015 Honda Accord


2015-10-17 11:00:49


2015 Honda Accord

2013 Honda Accord

2014-09-28 16:12:34

I now have 30,000 miles on this vehicle. It's wonderful! To be picky, the driver's side rear view mirror could be better.

2015 Honda Accord

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