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5.0 out of 5

My 2015 GMC Canyon, SLE, crew cab, V6, Short box, 1,000 miles on odometer

AOL user 2014-12-31 19:25:08

Likes: performance, quite quality ride, stability on freeway, overdrive transmission, exterior appearance, camera view, tow capacity, tailgate, turn radius, engine stays under 2,000 RPM a lot of the time, giving good MPG. Dislikes: If Bluetooth activates with radio on, its extremely loud; camera is useless in slightest wet weather, the transmission seems to be in too high of a gear after braking to a low speed then quickly back on the gas. I am a very senior citizen living in south central USA. My last 3 trucks were a competing brand. They were good, but my early impression is that this Canyon is superior and I highly recommend it.

2015 GMC Canyon

2015 GMC Canyon Cardinal Red 4x4

AOL user 2014-10-22 17:15:15

I live in Southern Illinois. I went to Laura GMC in Collinsville . Crazy there on Friday. I shopped for three weeks. They could not get one to sell. Black, Maroon, and Cardinal colors came in. Then recall came in. Cannot sell until released with repairs. I put money down on sight unseen nor test drive on Cardinal Red All Terrain 4 door Canyon. At 930 am came off truck, PDI at 1230, washed and fueled at 3, and I drove off with one heck of a great deal at 5. It was a crazy day. I did not want a city version like everyone else. My wait paid off. The extra money on the All Terrain is well worth it. There was the issue of an exposed drain plug under the other vehicles. Not so on this model. Fully protected. Would have like the have the lower front black air dam higher up off the ground. For this, I am taking mine off and putting in the attic. If I come across big limbs in the way out on the back woods I travel over it goes. The tow hooks are perfect in location. The tow package is set up perfect for my boat. The red line in the half cloth half leather seats is a great add to detail. The seats are in my opinion more comfortable then the full leather. Those new rims are absolute killer! The added detail is the full paint on all the front end pieces and the frame. The height of the truck with antenna clears my standard size garage with ease. The width was no issue. There is a bit of learning curve with all the new tech toys. If you get one, make sure to adjust your am and fm to your local area where you live. Get familiar with the cockpit BEFORE driving off the lot intro traffic. I Thought it was weird that the dealer had people travel by air to STL and have the Laura GMC send a full time employee go pick them up. There was deals going down all over and sales people were so busy they hardly could keep up with the flow of people. This is truly a fantastic new design on this truck. Don't just think about getting one just do it. The price is really respectful to the product.

2015 GMC Canyon

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