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4.5 out of 5

2015 50 Anniversary Package 2.3 lite Eco Boast

2016-02-10 00:56:30

Fun to drive. Looks great, great gas mileage , comfortable seats. Love the logo on the seats. Just an all around great sporty car. I can' get over the power from a turbo 4 cylinder. This car will get it on quickly. I have boosted the power a little bit but it was good stock.

2015 Ford Mustang

Mustang Looks are fantastic!

2016-02-08 17:26:30

This is a man's car indeed. If you buy a six, it sounds Ratty. I like the growling sound, only a GT-V-8 puts out. The Six banger is for pansies, Girlymen, and 20 something girls. If you can't run with the big dogs Stay on the porch, or buy Corolla. 5-Speed Tremec and a Balsy V-8. A real Man's car!

2015 Ford Mustang

Absolutely Amazing

2015-01-14 13:34:01

This car is absolutely astounding! Having previously owned a Mustang, I have a good idea for where they have typically been real good and where they have lacked in the past. Mustangs have (at least as of recent) been mechanically sound, good base performance cars. They lacked refinement in the cabin, and a suspension that didn't make you feel as though you were on a roller coaster. This new mustang has fixed that, and then some. Granted, some of the refinement boils down to which options you choose, this Mustang is so much more composed and is evident of a much clearer and pervading vision throughout the design process. A completely redone suspension and chassis are no joke, and the revised 5.0 L Coyote engine doesn't leave you wanting at all. I purchased many of the extras for this car and I'm glad I did, because they compliment the underlying beast. This is a car that I would have no problem taking on a 13 hour road trip (a trip I used to make regularly), in fact, I'm really looking forward to my next long road trip, the first with my 2015. One of the very few drawbacks to this car is the gas mileage (not great at all). Another is that unless you have significant snow driving experience, this car may be a challenge to drive in the snow. It's a condition I've already come across, but luckily I've grown up in New England and I've had 2WD for many winters prior. There is a snow/wet driving mode for the premium models, which alter the traction control, the throttle mapping and some other stuff, it is useful and I have used it regularly since I've had it this winter. A disclaimer: I do not have winter tires on mine yet, and I think they would help tremendously if I did, so if any northerners are reading this, take note. Overall, this is an excellent 2 door performance oriented vehicle, and anyone looking in this segment (even the luxury version of this segment) should at least test drive this car.

2015 Ford Mustang

Review of 2015 Ford Mustang

2014-11-29 18:40:45

EcoBoost is anything but....lacks pick up. Car is too heavy for this engine. :Lacks "Turbo" badging. Same colors as last year. not the colors available on Mustangs 50 years ago. Exterior styling is above average. Hopefully, later 2015-2016 models will appear more authentic. Falls short of creating the enthusiam the photos, vids, promotions, promise.

2015 Ford Mustang

Mustang lover

2014-10-21 11:13:41

Two things: The ill advised coves for the front turn signals add absolutely nothing by way of design. And pull back the artifically-young designers who seem to copy the bulkiness of other brands. It doesn't work with the mustang. Also raise the ground sweeper body a few inches, and reduce the tilt of the vehicle. The Mustang looks as if it's driving into the ground. Your review descriptions "kinda" and "rocks" are for infantile high schoolers, and add nothing to what your advertising idiots are attempting to accomplish. The Mustang belongs to the ongoing generational market, the young and impressional 25-35 market. Keep it there. And as they grow older and start reliving their youth - as any man does - they'll continue to go with you. Forget attemting to sell to women. It's not their car, and never will be. Keep the Mustang powerful, design it for the people who are capable of buying it. Go to local car cruises and pick the brains of car lovers. Do it anonymously. They are the best customer advertising you will ever get. My name is Roy Grider, elreno65@aol.com. Call me at (502) 643-1025 if you need further assistance.

2015 Ford Mustang

Review of 2015 Ford Mustang

2014-07-27 22:43:58

2015 Ford Mustang

A Sleek and Sexy Piece of Machinery

2014-07-10 17:50:44

The car that will make heads turn, when you turn on a dime.

2015 Ford Mustang

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