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2016-05-05 10:15:00

2015 F-150 XLT 302A package XTR and FX4 SuperCrew with 2.7L EcoBoost 4x4I have read a lot of reviews on this truck and people seem to complain about the ride. The first thing I noticed when I took the truck out was how incredibly smooth the ride is. I actually feel like I’m floating when I drive this truck. Yes , bad roads can be bumpy but that can be said for any truck. I used to own a RAM with the 4 corner air suspension and I have to say I find this truck at least as smooth as the RAM was perhaps even smoother.Secondly , the 2.7L EcoBoost engine. What a terrific engine this is. When you put your foot down it really takes off. It is much more spirited than the HEMI I used to drive. I have owned this truck for about a month . I bought it used with 14,500 km on it. I have put about 1000 km on so far and the mileage (mostly city driving) is 12.8L/100 km (18.4 mpg) which is far better than any truck I have ever owned . I quite like the Auto Stop/Start feature. Not sure why anyone wouldn’t. It is so seamless when you take your foot off the brake it is started and ready to go by the time you get your foot on the gas pedal. The ride is also very quiet . Minimal to no cabin noise at highway speeds. Visibility is excellent.The My Ford Touch. Also have read a lot of negative reports on this system. I quite like it. The voice activated commands work well. Reads my texts to me. I have previously used the Uconnect from RAM and whatever Nissan has in their vehicles. This system is at least as good as the Uconnect and way ahead of Nissan. Some reviews also complain about the number of buttons on the steering wheel. In order to have access to all the systems at your finger tips , buttons are required. If they weren’t there , people would complain there wasn’t access from buttons on the steering wheel. It’s not hard to figure out. They are grouped together i.e. cruise control lower left , phone and voice activation lower right , etc. The rear camera is very clear and I have the 8 inch screen so that’s nice too. The LED’s in the bed are a real nice touch too. Can just turn on and off at bed level. If you forget to turn off , no worries , they will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.My truck is the tuxedo black. I swore I would never own another black vehicle after owning one in the late 80's. I got such a great deal on this truck I couldn’t turn it down regardless of color. This is a very nice black. It is quite sparkly. I am actually glad I have this color.The seats are comfortable. Lots of room in the rear. I don’t have air conditioned seats but I do have heated seats and they do heat quickly.I really like the updated interior design on the 2015 F-150. I didn’t much care for the round vents on previous models.I wanted the bench seat rather than the console but was afraid storage would suffer. Even with the bench seat there is all kinds of storage to fit whatever you may actually carry in a vehicle. I don’t need it to be big enough to hold a suitcase !!All in all this is a terrific truck. I never thought I would ever own a Ford but I sure am glad to have this truck. It is a pleasure to drive and I look forward to driving it every time I get in it.My only regret is that this truck does not have the tailgate step. But this is an amazing truck from top to bottom and front to rear. I absolutely love it !!! If you are considering buying a truck , make sure you take out an F-150 . You won’t be disappointed !!The remote has the key inside and reacts quickly when you press a button. There was always a delay with the remote from Nissan. The blind spot mirror in the mirror is just a small touch but is so very useful. Maybe it is all the small things that Ford got right along with a terrific engine all wrapped in a beautiful tuxedo black truck . I just love driving it.

2015 Ford F-150


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Very nice truck

2015 Ford F-150

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