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George Karavidas

2015-11-26 21:51:07

To the Ferrari Company - Italy!! I' m a Retired Psychologist - Writer, Life Long Martial Artist, Creator of an Art of Fighting many years ago, in South Africa...For over than 25 years I managed my own motor work shop... Working and repairing many motor cars...I had owned few German, American and English Cars... For the last 15 years (in Athens Greece) I am driving a Korean sports car... but as from today, after I saw the 458 Ferrari red color, I thought of sending you this note, so to do the 458 an inexpensive advertisement by me driving it daily through the streets of Athens and through the expensive suburbs around the Ancient city... Stop at open coffee bars that are 24 hours ... also visiting the well known cosmopolitan places where the local and European channels are almost visiting daily... Look at FB for: George Karavidas, and through Google: Master George Karavidas. Have a good look at my website: www.karate-sktp.info (ANCIENT GREECE). My email: sktp@hol.gr phone: 00306942411331 (any time of the day)

2015 Ferrari 458 Italia

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