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2014 i8 Owner

2015-03-15 21:49:02

2014 Blue and Pure Impulse interior. Every drive is a new and great adventure for driver, passenger and other drivers. You have to get used to a lot of attention and questions, wherever you go. Entry and egress is a bit interesting, but once you develop your own workable technique, it's a breeze. Starting off in all-electric mode is quite unique if you're used to the roar of high performance engines. I find the torque and take-off strong in all modes, but SPORT is where the fun resides. The engine sound is good and not overdone, despite what some journalists state. I've clocked 0-60 below 4 seconds, easily, so typical of BMW, their acceleration figures are overly conservative. My general M&P is in the high 30's and I usually show an all-electric range of about 18 miles, once the batteries are charged.The car will charge or maintain battery charge, depending on the driving mode and style. It's designed not to ever fully depleat the battery charge, so it has ICE and motor torque, as needed. The fit and finish is exceptional, inside and out. The driving position is very comfortable, as is the actual driving. Don't think you'll really carry much luggage or more than one passenger. The rear seats are for small kiddies or groceries only.

2015 BMW i8

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