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2.0 out of 5

My 6th Acura - and the worst car I've ever owned

2016-06-29 00:59:38

Avoid at all cost! Best I can sum up my TLX V6 is: Transmission is garbage, Dealers have been to trained to lie about transmission performance, Engine has a loud chirping sound similar to a diesel that my dealer can't fix even though they've replaced several parts, Back-up camera works 80% of the time, Transmission shifted into Park doesn't always mean it's in park as the car will roll forward 1-1.5 feet. I've had that happen several times which is disturbing. Last but not least is you don't want to turn left against oncoming traffic as the trans takes 3-3.5 seconds to work. The delay can be dangerous.Some people claim the trans problems have been fixed in 2016 model but I can attest that is not accurate. I've had four 2016 loaners and 3 of them exhibited the same rough shifting and delays as my 2015. I'm actively shopping to trade my Acura lemon for either a Lexus or Audi. It'll be my first non-Acura vehicle in 14 years but I'm looking forward to moving away from a brand that does not value it's customers. Acura's low ranking in the most recent Consumer Reports auto edition was well earned.

2015 Acura TLX

A real mess

2016-06-28 12:57:28

After 5 trips to 3 dealers, and numerous software updates, the transmission still jerks when shifting. Now the breaks are grabbing at 20k miles. Smooth, quiet ride, but the transmission issue ruins the car. Will never buy another Acura. Honda home office swears nothing is wrong. Go to carcomplaints.com for more reviews.

2015 Acura TLX

I was shocked!

2015-12-02 09:25:06

It took a while for me to get over no spare tire with this car or you can buy one for about $300.00 - 400.00 but we had a problem, the battery went completely and couldn't be jump started. We then found out that with the awful new transmission they forgot one thing.......you can't put the car in neutral to ******* unless it starts. Roadside assistance came out and they had no idea, I called the dealer and they said the only way to move the car is to jack up the car and put rollers under the tires. So I wrote Acura and this is what they had to say;"We value you as an Acura client and we appreciate the opportunity of responding to your concern. On behalf of Acura, we offer our sincereapologies for the ************* which prompted you to reach us. We assure you of our interest in your feedback and we thank you for bringing yourconcern to our attention.Upon further research, the information provided by your dealership is correct and we apologize for any convenience this may have caused. It is our pleasure to note your valuable feedback as Acura strives to produce vehicles which exceed our client's expectations and your insight assists us in fully understanding consumer perspective."Do with it what you may but I think it's clearly a case of engineers not thinking about the consumer. It's just like when they reasoned no spare tire saying it increased the fuel mileage...I found that funny. Acura is losing site of you and me. My 4th Acura and surely my last.

2015 Acura TLX


2015-02-26 12:20:56

Smooth, quiet ride. Transmission/power train extremely rough, jumps from gear to gear. Have taken it to 2 dealers and they say nothing is wrong. Really disappointed given the reviews. Be sure to test drive the car you are purchasing.

2015 Acura TLX

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