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2014 VW Sportwagen

AOL user 2015-05-31 09:58:34

With almost a year and 8000 miles on the car, I must say I am most pleased. Highway milleage is about 47-50 (based on actual fillups) and around town I get in the low to m,id 40's. This car has the manually operated seat adjustments but they are good and quite intuitive. The car has a nice tight European feel to it and the electric steering is tight and responsive. With the steering and suspension working together, this car is a hoot to drive and is VERY manueverable. The backup camera makes it very easy to move in reverse, particularly in our neighborhood that has a lot of young children playing on the sidewalks. The fit and finish on this car is really great. Seams are all equal and the paint job is perfect. The link-up to my cell phone is great and the hands off phone system works quite well. I chose to get this car without a nav system so I cannot comment on that.. Air conditioning and the heater function both work well and are more than capable of keeping the car quite cool on the hottest day or warm on the coldest day. The heated seats are a very nice touch in this car. I would certainly purchase this car again and give it an excellent recommendation.

2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

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