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4.0 out of 5

Good, not great.

2015-01-06 16:15:40

It is a nice little car. DCT is jerky going in and out of 1st. Cabin boom in 7th at 1,100 RPM. Slight cabin boom in 6th at 1,200 RPM. Ride is good. Steering and braking are awesome. Visibility is reduced but I have had no issues. Back seat head room sucks but I don't sit in the back seat, ha! The trunk pops up really quickly, it will knock your teeth out. The coupe like doors without the frame around the window frighten me every time I open the door. It is like a pointed end that could pierce the car to the side. Seats are comfy. Nice steering wheel. Low wind noise and low tire noise on hi-way. Still getting use to the Navi/Radio. The iphone interface has the old non-lighting connector.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

Adult Performance

2014-09-06 07:50:47

My CLA45-AMG meets or exceeds all my requirements for a high-performance, 4-door sedan. I use the car primarily for long-distance trips and prefer back roads over the interstate highways. Strengths include exceptional engine performance and brakes. I've owned two C7 Corvettes, and for all practical purposes the AMG can accelerate and pass as well as they could on public roads. More surprisingly, the fuel economy has been significantly better than I anticipated. When driven normally I get about 26 MPG in town and over 32 MPG on the open road. Obviously, when pushed hard the mileage suffers accordingly, but that is to be expected. The car is comfortable although the ride is firm which is what I prefer. I deliberately stayed with the standard equipment 18"wheels rather than the optional 19". Likewise, I choose standard, non run-flat tires which I detest. Dislikes include the audio system, which sounds fine, but is ridiculously complex to operate. The controls on my 2009 Cobalt work just as well and are infinitely simpler to use. What I can do with one push of a button on the Cobalt requires three and sometimes four button actions on the Mercedes. Just stupid! Likewise, the display screen in the middle of the dashboard works OK, but simply looks like an "add-on". The electronic steering is "over-assisted" in my opinion and doesn't provide the feedback I like/expect from a performance car. Also, this is the first car I've owned that had the dual clutch transmission. I'm not impressed. It's not as smooth as an automatic and no where near as fun/engaging as a manual. Likewise, the "stop/start" engine feature works as advertised when the "ECO" mode, but has a slight delay after brake release before the engine starts, which can be disconcerting when turning left across traffic. Bottom line: I'm satisfied. It does what I needed it to do, but I miss my Corvette!

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

1000 miles on my 2014 CLA 250 and in repair 3 times already

2014-09-02 12:35:16

I have deep concerns about the manufacturing quality of this car. Please be warned. 1. I ordered the car in March and was told delivery in 4 weeks. The car didn't arrive until June. 2. 3 days after picking up the car in June 2014, the engine light came on. A software patch was applied. 40 miles were put on the car testing it. Why didn't the factory apply this patch??? This patch was a known issue and was resolved with the patch before my car was built. 3. The next day, I noticed a squeaking noise coming from the dashboard. I took the car in and they could only find a clicking noise coming from the dashboard. It wasn't fixed and it's getting worse. I just turn on my radio loud and can't hear it. 4. Today, Sept 2, 2014, "Auxiliary Battery Malfunction" displayed on the *********** going back into service tomorrow. I read that the battery needs replacing. First of all, they can't keep up with the demand at the factory, delivery was delayed 2 months. This car is not being properly manufactured or tested in the factory since the engine light came at 120 miles and it's been in service 3 times with only 1000 miles on the car. NOT GOOD. I think I bought a lemon.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

Review of 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

2013-09-21 23:47:20

Nice car but is not available in Nevada.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

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