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5.0 out of 5

Worth considering!!!!

2013-09-05 22:53:39

Limited__4dr_Front_wheel_Drive~*************************~Cantonment~Florida~City~Spirited~Daily Commuting~Fun or Weekend Car~~Honda Pilot 2013~I was originally looking at a Honda Pilot 2013 until I saw the Patriot, the dealer Hilly Kelly in Pensacola, FL suggested I take it home for 3 days to make sure this is what I would be happy in...no pressure! Wow...I was really impressed! My last few vehicles have been an '08 & '10 Lexus 350 & '13 Cadillac CTS...so I did hear a bit of road noise (something I've learned is normal in other vehicles) but once the radio is on or you are on the Bluetooth it truly is not bad at all!!! Me true reason for trading is we just bought a chocolate lab & we want to be able to take her to the doggie beach and ect. Not happening in the CTS or 350"s! I did my homework, read reviews (professional & personal) The owner reviews were outstanding!!! There are SMS thins I am having to use to to,, such as not automatic lights, I have to actually use a key to start the vehicle, and no auto start. Hmmm, my husband says I've just been spoiled for years and didn't even know it! But I must admit these type things I can get used to for the ride, performance, cargo area & price!!!!!I only wanted the white one limited, loafed & it took them a few days but they found just the bright one! I've never owned a Jeep but now I am quickly understanding the saying "It's a Jeep thing"!!!! Hope this helps! Oh yeah one last thing...great gas mileage!! An added plus! Honestly the Patriot got better reviews than the Pilot from owners! WOW! I love my Jeep!!!!~false

2014 Jeep Patriot

Stand out in the crowd - The critics are wrong - the Patriot Rocks!

2013-04-25 20:24:08

My aging 12 year old Jeep Liberty was in need of an upgrade and the mileage was killing me so we decided it would be more cost efficient to replace it. I went into my search fully expecting to go with the raved about Honda CRV, Mazda CX5 or Rav4. In addition to these I test drive Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Sante Fe, Kia Sport, Chevy Equinox and many more. Each of these were underpowered - as noted by reviewers (esp. when compared to a 3.7l engine). The ones with autostick were significantly better, but they all felt like cars/mini-vans and have very similar Prius like rounded styling. They all had slightly whiny engines. I finally choose a cherry red 4x4 Patriot Latitude for its old school square form and capability off road as well as the fold flat front seat for carrying long cargo. It has a rugged and useful interior. I was also able to get an amazing number of really nice options for $4000 than the base AWD models by Mazda and Honda. My Patriot has a sunroof, heated seats, remote start, 9 speaker sound system with a pair that drop down from the liftgate, Bluetooth Uconnect system with voice control and the 430 series radio with touchscreen dvd/cd/radio/satellite/mp3 etc. and more options to boot. The Patriot's slightly throaty engine is quieter than my Liberty and handles better with a smooth ride (a reviewers complaint). The autosick makes a big difference to acceleration and is a blast on curving mountain roads and even the Freedom I transmission does well when the pavement ends. I honestly felt like I was going to make a step down from my Liberty, but after a few weeks with it I feel that it is actually a leap upwards. I have a well appointed and roomy interior with enough legroom to make a man of 6'3" feel like stretching. We have been getting 22 mpg in town and actually clocked 30 on the highway. It has balanced the comfort of a car with the abilities of an SUV. The Patriot has become my favorite vehicle in 30 years of driving.

2014 Jeep Patriot

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