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my Luciana!

Nick 2019-02-21 08:22:18

I very much had a positive experience this this maker (Fiat). I see and read (oh it's so small) really? thank you for pointing that out otherwise I wouldn't known. is there plastic, yes but all cars do unlike my 1966 Impala. even though it has a 101 horses I have no problem with freeway driving, will it win a race no way but that's not why I bought the car I bought it because it looks like no other car on the road today it has a certain charm to it. Now in the five years that I drove the car it has been without any problems, I've driven it cross country, in rain, in snow & cold, on icy roads without so much of a blip on the radar. Is it fun to drive?, well yes it is. Now I hear and read about all of these problems that cars like mine have. Now I car say I have never had a one, none!. Now I hid have one recall, a spring and it was replaced in a timely manner. The service I get for the dealership is outstanding, unlike others I've dealt with in my 50 years of driving. So in my judgment it's a fun reliable car, it's not a family car by any means. Oh by the way I also have a 500L too.

2014 FIAT 500c

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