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Stop Complaining and Drive the Damn Thing

2012-12-26 07:56:48

Comments on reviews of the Golf R repeat the same nonsense, and given what's being said, there is but a slim chance that the commenters have even sat in an R, let alone drive one. Myth 1: The Golf R is overpriced compared to and outperformed by a GTI. To get a GTI equipped to the same delightfully civilized trim level as the R, your only choice is the Autobahn package, which brings that discount GTI above $30k and within 3-4K of an actual Golf R price. Myth 2: Since the R *only* has 50 more hp, one can turn a GTI into a R Killer with a simple ECU flash. Ignoring for a moment ********* just as easy to flash an R and more headroom to be gained doing so, there's a reason car companies don't put 250hp engines into front wheel drive cars. Without some delicate suspension balancing and very careful acceleration, that thing will be wheel-hopping, spinning the inside wheel, and strobing the traction control light mercilessly, especially if there is even a hint of damp on the road. Repeat after me: The Tune your R to well over 300hp, and its AWD will transfer that power to the road.. Look, just drive both cars (GTI and R) back to back on your favorite twisty road. Instead of beefing up your forearms fighting torque steer and cranking the wheel to keep from plowing into the ditch, the R will be pure pleasure and stability, powering out of turns with almost no effort. Okay, it's not as neutral as a 944, ******** far better than the FWD GTI, plus has greatly improved brakes for when that lunatic blindly backs out his driveway. I won't get into the whole Subaru WRX STi, Evolution, battle. I wanted a comfortable, practical, fast, fun car assembled in Germany. If flat out racing is your thing, and you don't want to pimp an R, then throw down in the WRX. Just don't be positive it'll have what it takes to leave behind every Golf you come across. As for the BMW 1, it's ugly, has no back seat and can barely be found for < $40k. And if you think VW parts are pricey, oh boy!

2013 Volkswagen Golf R

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