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2015-08-19 00:39:54

I have driven this vehicle for 23000 miles and I was so disapointed with it that I could't wait for the lease to end!!! Thank God for a cushion called Forever Cushy. If it wasn't for that, I don't know what i would have done. Now understand, this was my third Toyota in a row. I had previously owned a Solara and also a 4Runner and loved them both. This vehicle road so hard and also noises would enter the cabin that even my old Ford Pinto drove better than this piece of crap. The engine was so noisy that I had to turn up the audio to mask it....even worse, on a rainy day I could hear the brake pads touching the rotors. If I not used the cushion, the vehicle would throw me all over the place. I took others for a ride in it and they couldn't believe it either. There was the typical Toyota reliability and the the vehicle looked real nice inside and out. The resale value was great as well. I nickname all my vehicles and this one was called MINIMACK.....in fact, a Mack truck rides better. Gas mileage was only ok...it averaged 20 mpg over its time and was in the high teens in the winter. Drive this vehicle over rough roads before you buy or lease this vehicle....I now have switched to Honda CRV and even though it may not be as good looking.....in all other performance categories, it kills the MINIMACK!!!

2013 Toyota RAV4


2013-09-15 18:37:29

I leased this vehicle and overall it's really good in comparison to CRV, FORRESTER... but once you get it in the city the ride is really harsh. I have friends who own the others and drove their suv's as well. The RAV is better looking and the overall quality inside and out is top notch. Toyota has been trying to make their cars and suv's sportier but they are missing the point. Their vehicles are much harsher than the past...meaning whoever is designing the suspension on their vehicles needs a new career. On the plus side after 6k miles....reliability is top notch. Engine and drive train is great....a little noisy in the beginning ************ to be getting better. The pseudo manual shifter is the best i have used. I just drove thru a massive rain storm is it really made you feel safe. Interior materials are holding up nicely. They should address the touch screen....i'm 61 and it's really easy to use but if the sun is out, you won't see the screen period. When the lease is up in 30 months i will not keep the vehicle like i originally intended. I hope they fix the ride and if they did, i would purchase this vehicle... if they keep it like it is now....i will have to look elsewhere for my next vehicle. The ride is that harsh and my friends have all made the same comments. If you read the car mags about this problem....they comment to different degrees about it.... I due hope toyota addresses this problem...

2013 Toyota RAV4

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