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Outback 2.5 Limited

AOL user 2015-02-14 23:18:26

This is our second Outback. Previous model was a 2009 and was happy with it. These are amazing in the snow and rain. Never have to worry about pulling out into traffic in the rain and having the traction control place you in the middle of the intersection with cars coming and fuel shut down (everyone has had this happen with a FWD car). This car handles like it is much smaller. It has plenty of room and being a station wagon (I guess), there is plenty of storage in the back. Get the Subaru organizer, well worth the $80. Handling - awesome. Power - not so awesome. The CVT sucks. In the winter time, until the car is hot, the engine screams for mercy while you pull out in traffic. I liked the transmission from the previous Subaru much better. Interior - Everything I want, laid out well, ergonomic, comfortable. Except the steering wheel has a button that is completely useless that takes a lot of space. All it does is set the driving timer and literally is the size of the paddle shifters. In the way, complete mistake. Not sure what drugs they were smoking when they did that. Road noise - Absolutely unacceptable. I wish I would have driven this car on the highway before I purchased it. I probably would not have gotten it. Noise noise noise. My last Subaru was loud. I thought the new one would be better. I assumed. This is my wife's car and we don't need it for long trips so it serves the purpose.

2013 Subaru Outback

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