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2016-08-10 08:38:53

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE HANDS DOWN!!! If you've ever thought about buying a KIA save your time and money and run for the hills!! The customer service is garbage, the vehicles are garbage and the parts used are cheap garbage!! I've had issues on and off since I purchased my 2013 KIA Sportage, I'm a very light driver and am under 18k on the mileage. I've been trying to get the morons in the customer relations call center to see there is a bigger issue with my car but they could literally give two $hits!! They don't care that I bought a brand new car, follow the maintenance per the dealership and have had issue that were out of my control pop up multiple times.. They only care to be rude, nasty, lie, and compile erroneous notes about conversations that aren't true and basically call their customers liars!! They disrespect, talk down and belittle whom every they feel like because basically enjoy pissing on their customers faces. I'm disgusted by the apparent lack of social skills it requires to be employed by such a large corporation and how condescending, rude, classless, and unprofessional they are allowed to be when speaking to concerned customers. This company is a joke, the cars they produce are circus freaks with underlying issues that KIA is conveniently never at fault for!!!I have never in the 9 cars I've owned ever had as many issues as my KIA and I've never been disrespected by any other manufacturers customer service. I plan to do my best to tell the world about the awful experience I've had and the mind blowing hell I've lived since 7-21-2016 with trying to resolve a reoccurring issue and getting nothing but jerked around, lied to and disrespected to the most unprofessional level!!! I HATE KIA, WARNING BUYING ONE OF THESE CARS WILL BE AMOUNG THE BIGGEST MISTAKES OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! DON'T BUY KIA THEY ARE GARBAGE AND THE PEOPLE THAT REPRESENT THEIR COMPANY DON'T GIVE A FXCK ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!!! KIA= KEEP IT AWAY!!!!!!!

2013 Kia Sportage

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