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3.5 out of 5

Vehicle? Great! Warranty? Not...

2016-05-04 20:49:18

Bought a 2013 Odyssey off the showroom floor; love it! Handles great, holds all my kids and grandkids, holds my friends for our annual Florida vacations, and all the luggage we want to stuff in the 3rd row! Never had a repair made, nor a complaint about this super granny-van... until I had an issue with the brake system. Weird wiggle when I stepped on the brake pedal. My daughter said it was warped brake rotors: I told her that was silly- this thing doesn't have 30K on it yet! Couldn't be rotors! New owners at the dealership, denied they could replace rotors, I'd have to pay for re-surfacing AND new brake shoes! Went to a buddy who has a brake shop... he called the Honda dealership he deals with, and they said they could replace a rotor that was warped, but I'd have to pay for the other one (if it wasn't warped) and the pads. Well, my daughter called Honda's Customer Service Hotline for Warranty, and was told the brakes were a 'wear item', and there was ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY on anything on the brake system! Shoot, when I sold auto parts, even the lowest priced after-market replacement parts had Some Kind of warranty? Overall Satisfaction Rating prior to last week: Great Car! Overall Satisfaction Rating today? Never Again- Would Not Buy Another Honda Vehicle If They Were The Last Car Made. I'd rather go to Havana and bid on something used. I'd rather put a saddle on ol' Sadie the mule and ride her to town. I would advise anyone looking at a new Honda vehicle to seriously consider how much they'll be willing to spend on repairs that Should Be covered by Warranty when this low-down company refuses to honor a supplier part warranty, when they could get replacements for supplied components. I've worked with Warranty departments; all secondary component manufacturers stand by their warranties for big manufacturers, Honda just doesn't want deal with it in a fair manner.

2013 Honda Odyssey

2013 Odyssey EX

2013-09-28 20:28:28

Good vehicle. Interior is great. Comfortable and roomy for all 8 passengers. Steering feel is not typical Honda. Minivan drives heavier than it is. Confident handling. Mixed driving fuel economy is 20-21 mpg.

2013 Honda Odyssey

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