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3.0 out of 5

Best Car On The Market!

2013-05-25 23:46:47

The older gentleman ************ this car before me must me a very aggressive driver, or he is full of complete crap! I also purchased the Fusion Titanium AWD, I bought It April 16th so I have had it for about 5 weeks now. I live near Pittsburgh, PA and just today arrived home from driving my new Fusion to Key West FL, "the southern most point in the continental US"! As of today I have 4,568. miles on Fusion, after my trip which was mostly highway I have an average of 27MPG! I have no idea how the man ************ this before me is getting no more than 15. Mind you I am 25 and do not drive like a grandmother, there is an option where you can view your instant MPG and see what you are getting right then when you are driving, and yes when you put the pedal to the floor it does go to less than 10MPG but once the RPM's come back down you will get ATLEAST an average of 20mpg going 80+ on the highways with the AWD, and this was not on flat terrain this was through the mountains. One of my favorite features is the Adaptive Cruise Control, this feature is great for when on the highway you set the speed and also how far away you want to be from the person in-front of you. When approaching a car that is going slower than your set speed the car will gradually slow down itself so it maintains the distance you chose between you and the car in-front. Overall the car is BEAUTIFUL inside and out, I drove the whole way to Key West from Pittsburgh. I could not have asked for a better car to take on a long road-trip. Very comphy interior, and once you take the time to know the many controls of the car everything is very simple and easy to use. The performance of the car is amazing! No lack of power in the 4cylender.There was a time where I drove over a big section of a tractor-trailor tire and the car ran it over at 75MPH like it was nothing. If you don't believe me go out and drive one for yourself, but make sure it is the Titanium AWD because no other model will ride the same!

2013 Ford Fusion

Fuel Economy

2013-04-20 17:39:19

We have the Fusion Titanium AWD which is supposed to average 26 MPG's, however, so far on the highway the best we are getting is 14-16 MPGs. This is ridiculious. Had we known that, we could have gotten a large SUV that would do no less than 15 MPG's. We are very dissapointed and will let everybody know of this.

2013 Ford Fusion

Very unreliable stay away

2012-11-01 20:55:27

Worst car ever – the current cars ( 2010 - 3) all seem to suffer the same problems – worse yet the stealerships want to rape you every time you walk in the door with a common problem that occurs on every lemon sold. They have emission problems that SHOULD be covered under the emissions warranty but they refuse to honor it and hit you with a $750 bill. Common problems – transmissions – not only suffer from poor shifting but many die prematurely, terrible steering as they drift randomly in both directions. Google the tsb's on the fusion and you will see that they acknowledge these inherent problems but state that they are a characteristic and refuse to fix it – worse yet they will try and sell you new tires telling you it will help, but it only helps them fleece you of your money. Other common problem waterfall noise and air in the cooling system – gas valve cel's – bad ac - - battery grounding issues causing premature battery failure, among other failures. If that is not bad enough – they have defective throttle position sensors that cause the car to die while on the road, and the only way to restart ( if it can ) is to come to a complete stop then try – this means possibly needing to stop on a highway. Many of us have filled out national complaints but they keep putting the same bad parts in and hitting you with another & 700 bill. If you see a great deal – it is not worth your families safety to drive these lemons... The worst car I have ever owned – and it was brand new...

2013 Ford Fusion

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