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3.0 out of 5


2014-12-30 14:48:20

I bought my 13 focus hatch new. it was great for the first 9000 miles..Then the transmission started to act up.its the auto shifted manual .. It slips, grinds, lurches and almost stalls at stoplights.it has been in to the ford shop where they rebuilt ************ has the same issues.ford even extended the warranty on it.gas mileage has dropped from 42 on the road to, if i'm lucky, 30..the best part of this car is the stereo.it has the upgraded Sony with sub woofer.I took it back to the dealer 3 months after i got it and he told me to park it somewhere with the keys in it. they didn't want it back.I will never buy any more of ford's junk if this is what they are making now.

2013 Ford Focus

So many problems

2013-07-28 08:07:03

I bought a 2013 Tuxedo Black Titanium Focus. I will say that it is a sharp looking car, I will give it that and only that. You think top of the line you should get a good car, but as I sit here my car that I bought brand new in April is actually at the dealership. It just had the computer for the transmission replaced, the Sync control module replaced, and is pending approval from Ford corporate to repaint the entire car due to the MULTIPLE paint defects on every body panel. On top of all of that there are trim pieces on the inside of the car that are coming loose, the rubber around the windows has already turned 3 different colors, the undercoating on the half is missing, bolts under the car that should be there are not or just laying loose in body panels, the brake rotors are not wearing evenly, and the proximity keys only work 50% of the time. Also, when we took the car to the dealership about the transmission, paint, and Sync we learned that after it left the factory it was damaged and painted at the port, but because the repair was under $500 dollars we didn't have to be told.

2013 Ford Focus

Hate this car

2013-07-25 16:41:17

I have owned my car for 3 months now and there are only 3 things I like about it: it is pretty, the windshield wipers are quiet and it has a great spot for my work ID. The ride is VERY jerky. It has a standard transmission that shifts automatically. It rides like a new standard shifting driver. The trunk is very short and awkward. the seats are very uncomfortable. Every part of the car works the opposite of every other car we have ever driven. I hate this car. the more I drive it, the more I find problems with it and Ford will not take it back. I have tried.

2013 Ford Focus

I love my new car

2013-05-19 21:02:36

I've had my focus se for a month now and I love the way it drives. It's a fun car to drive and I like gas milage it gets.

2013 Ford Focus

Good car

2012-12-19 09:45:28

I have had my 2013 Ford Focus S model for 1 week and 1 day(purchased on 12/11/12). I love this car. It is very sporty, it goes 0-40 in about 4 seconds and is a very "soft" comfortable ride. I did find out this morning that I could not charge my Samsung SIII and listen to music off the phone at the same time without static (as soon as I unplugged the charger the static went away). However I have read numerous reviews regarding the transmission and I have only experienced 1 small issue...when you go from stop to go it feels like the car is confused for a second. My boyfriend says this is due to the 6speed automatic transmission. I found that if you just press down on the gas a little harder then it is no issue at all. I have driven my car up and down hills and have had no issues with the car stalling, lurching or rolling backwards when stopped as the other reviews I have read. I have almost 400 miles on the car and have had no issues (of which I am very greatful after reading some of the other reviews). Seeing as how there are multiple complaints about the transmission I won't complain about the static issue on the music player...it really isn't a big deal anyway. I have almost 400 miles on the car and have had it for a week and 1 day and still have not filled up with gas (though I will need to tonight). The gas milage does not seem to be quite as good as they say, but I came from a 2008 Nissan Sentra and the MPG is about the same if not a little better so I am happy. The Focus has more power, which I use, so I don't expect it to be exactly the same gas mileage. I also had a card in my glove box that stated the gas should average 357-450 miles...the gas mileage did fall within this range. I love the interior of the car...it is very comfortable and the car is very comfortable to drive. I love my car!

2013 Ford Focus

2013 Focus S

2012-11-13 20:37:54

Good, basic transportation. Only option I have on it is the automatic transmission. Didn't want or need tons of options. WHAT IT DOESN'T HAVE--floor mats, rear power windows, fog lights, cruise control, many paint choices, or alloy wheels. WHAT IT DOES HAVE--rear defroster, AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 player, A/C, steel wheels with plastic covers, one choice of interior color (black), and 4 choices of paint color--black, white, gray, or silver. If you want more options, I highly recommend the SE trim or higher. Otherwise, if you are OK with a few basic options, the S is the trim level for you.

2013 Ford Focus

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