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2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid UNSATISFIED OWNER

2016-08-24 17:37:02

This car has been absolutely unreliable. We purchased a new car 3 years ago, hoping for reliability, good gas mileage, something easy to drive, and just NEW. This car is easy to drive, has a lot of 'get up and go', however, About 10 TIMES now, I was ready to go either to work or back home from work, and the electronic key would not open the door. When I unlocked the car manually, tried to start the car, IT WOULD NOT START!! DOA "dead on arrival"!! How is this a reliable car, when you need to get somewhere, it randomly does not get ANY POWER, full on nothing is coming on DEAD!!! It has been a LONG FRUSTRATING ROAD to NOWHERE!! Ford Motor company just brushes off any liability to fix this problem. They say they can not replicate the problem, therefore it is not a problem. However, it IS a very BIG problem. Error codes have pointed to a certain Part that is under warranty, yet they refuse to replace this part that could be contributing to this random, VERY ANNOYING problem. I'm sorry, but when you buy a new car, you expect to turn a key and it turn on and drive. With our 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, this has not been the case. We have had to have it towed many times, and had to have roadside assistance come out and jump start it. Once it is started, the problem just "disappears". Very FRUSTRATING to say the least. We just need FORD to step up and do SOMETHING about this problem. Just take care of this problem. FIX the problem, or give us a new car, exchange it, LET THE PRESIDENT OF FORD DRIVE IT FOR 1 YEAR! See how far he gets on the day it will not start. See if it would frustrate him as well.

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

Love my C-Max Hybrid!

2013-06-25 16:48:06

I've had my Ford C-Max Hybrid since A[pril 2, 2913. So far, I've put around 3,000 miles on it in two months. This is a really fun car to drive. Plenty of pep, comfortable, handles well, and I'm very satisfied with the mileage. I get between 40-60 mpg, depending on conditions. There are a lot of variables that will have an effect on mileage. Accelerating hard, climbing hills, passing, using the heater in the winter, driving at speeds over 62 mph, all use gas and diminish mileage. If you are the type of driver who roars up behind another car, then hits the brakes and slows down, then speeds up, and slows down, you are not going to get good mileage in this car. I live in a small town/rural area. When I drive around the village at a speed of 30mph I get more than 60 mpg. If I drive down a country road with gentle hills and a speed of around 55mph I get at least 50 - 55mpg, depending on traffic. On an expressway at a speed of 65-70mph my mileage drops to about 42-45mpg, since the vehicle will only switch to all electric mode at a speed lower than 62mph. I have found that if I turn on the cruise control the car will more readily switch to electric. If you can back off a bit from the car in front of you, find a good cruising speed, and hold it steady, your mileage improves dramatically. I don't understand why people are suing Ford over the mileage in this car. High gas mileage is made possible by the manufacturer, ******** the driver that determines whether that high mileage will be achieved or not..

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

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