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4.5 out of 5

1 Year review

2014-10-25 14:32:49

I have had my Fiat 500e for 1 year now, and I really have no complaints. I have driven all the gas versions and I greatly prefer the electric, even when comparing the Abarth. I have never used gas this year, and that is quite a feeling of freedom. Considering I bought this car sight unseen, from an Ebay auction, it still is a great car. Sure there are a few things I would like to improve on, the center console is overly big and I always bang my knee on it, the radio and TomTom navigation would be better if a nicely integrated unit. But all that said, I love my 500e. I barely ever go on long trips, and just recently as an experiment I drove 180 miles each way, but this was never a car for long trips. It can jump off the line, and easily embarrass those hopped up cars because the 0-30 can blow you away (in city streets I don't like to exceed the speed limit, so this is perfect). For me, the range is fine, and chargers are all around everywhere I go, so I never really worry about range. I was even able to take it out on a race track for some high speed (limited to 87 MPH) driving as well a flat out drag racing. It's no Tesla, but I didn't have to pay Tesla prices either. It's fun and nimble, and very very quiet. I'm 6'4" and have no problems with height or seat adjustment. I've even had 2 passengers, and they weren't uncomfortable (although they were shorter people), but the rear seats are pretty much not adult size. With the rear seats down, you get quite a lot of space,. And if you need to, removing the rear seats is quick and easy and gives you a lot more room.

2013 FIAT 500e

Fiat Fiasco...the 500e

2013-09-06 21:11:41

I leased a Fiat 500e and got a fairly good deal; 2 yrs, $1000 down, $234./Mo But here's the problem with this vehicle. The battery only holds an 80 mile charge. At first that seemed like it was a non issue, but there's a catch. Unless you have a home charger (or a commercial BLINK charger next door) you will spend much of your driving experience seeking out charging stations and hours of recharging time. Charging for an 80 mile charge means you really cannot go below 65 miles of battery life. If you live in an apartment or condo you are screwed. Without gas back up, a larger capacity battery (like Tesla's 300 mile battery), or a switch out battery (notne available) you will need to get to the closest charging station when you arrive at your destination. Unfortunately the infrastructure is not there yet. I live in L A and we live in our cars in this city. There are 2 charging stations near my apartment. (3 blocks) and others sparsely spread out around this major metro area; 3-4 sites in West Hollywood, 3-4 in Santa Monica, you get the picture. The paucity of power stations makes it nearly impossible to travel anywhere in a day and still have time to charge for 2-4 hrs for the next day....unless you have your own 240v charging station to charge overnight at home. There is a 110v cord but that takes 24 hours and the same problem for apartments...no outlets in garages. Also, the sun roof is flawed - the forgot to put in a shun shield. It only has a sun screen filter and the tint on the glass sun roof is not dark enough to keep out the glare. I have to wear sunglasses and a hat. And that also heats up the interior and that means more AC, more drain on the battery. Back to a charging station. I may trade in this ill conceived vehicle soon. I've had it only a week.

2013 FIAT 500e

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