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2012-11-22 11:14:48

I love my 2013 Volt. It is a pleasure to drive and I have had it since Sept and only used a half a tank of gas in 3 months. Love thumbing my nose at the Big oil. I am so proud that this is American made also. I haven't owned an American Car since the 70's when quality was a big problem. I thought I would never own another American car. UNTIL, I took a test drive in the Volt. I was then driving a PRIUS. The Volt feels like a large car and has a nice ride. The Prius was a typical small car ride. The Volt is a very quiet car and you really only hear the tire noise. Too bad that all Americans can't agree that GM ******* a home run, instead, making the Volt a political talking point about the President. I never heard a political party taking it out on a car before. Sure, It takes more money to start making a different car than we are used to. Remember when computers were very expensive? Calculators? Cellphones? We either support the technology and advance past our gas guzzlers or stay trapped with Big Oil. Your choice. Mine is with the Volt.

2013 Chevrolet Volt

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