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2013 BMW 128 Coupe

2015-09-28 17:23:46

Bought a base coupe 6 speed manual with no sunroof, added the BMW performance suspension, BMW performance intake and exhaust, and dumped the run flats for Michelin PS 2 tires. Got the set up the car should have been born with. Car is quick, handles well, good build quality, sounds great and is the last of the pure BMW naturally aspirated sixes. all in a minimalist coupe version.It was well worth the effort to get one of the last ones built and then do it up right. Nice, often overlooked car, for someone who likes what a real BMW should drive like.So far superior to the absolutely awful Nissan Altima V6 manual coupe I drove ( it was a lease), they don't belong in the same breath.

2013 BMW 128

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