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2012-11-21 02:43:21

The 2013 s5 is truly a machine in the top of its class. Again, for 2013 Audi has proven that you get way more bang for your buck with their brand. If you compare similarly equipped Mercedes, BMW, Lexus etc, the s5 in my book blows the competition away in every category. The styling is top notch both inside and out. It truly inspires the authentic feel of a modern day european sports coupe. A myriad of performance features that compete in a class above what it was intended for. Comfort is by no means compromised but complimented in every detail. Very well thought out design with all available features and trim levels. Options that are offered make sense and cater to all age groups of sports car enthusiast. Pricing is second to none, as I suggest anyone to do some quick research in which the proof is in the numbers as you will soon learn. There are plenty of great coupes out there, but for the price, performance, luxury, and quality. I do not think there is another brand that can come close to the Audi s5. Absolutely the best bang for your buck out there right now in my opinion.

2013 Audi S5

2013 S5

2012-09-13 12:45:41

Traded my '11 A5 for the new 2013 S5 7/26/12. IMHO it is the consummate GT machine. I use it primarily for road trips and it is the MacDaddy. B&O sound system is unbelievable, probably the finest on the market at the moment. Sat-nav system uses Google Earth maps. Has T-Mobile wi-fi hotspot built in that can link up to 10 devices. Extremely comfortable. Love the sports seats in the front. They do hold you in place. Audi replaced the V8 w/ a supercharged V6 this year. The 6 actually makes more torque than the 8 but obviously less hp but the 6 can lead to a permanent loss of license. I was told it is electronically limited to 155 mph and can confirm...:) The 6's performance is such that I doubt anyone will miss the 8 other than the sublime exhaust note. The 6's sounds good but nothing like the 8. The current gas mileage (w/ only 1500 miles) is an avg of 21 mph and that's w/ keeping it in sport mode. Speaking of which, the sport mode is engaged by pulling back on the floor shifter once the vehicle is in "D" as displayed on the dash. The "D" changes to an "S" and the difference in performance is noticeable. The suspension tightens up, the throttle response is cleaner/crisper and the shift points (if kept in auto) change, too. Mine has the 7 sp dual clutch seat up and all I can say is SWEEEEEEET! 19" wheels w/ gumball tires add to the excitement. I would not hesitate to recommend this vehicle and would not hesitate to buy it again. I am one happy camper.

2013 Audi S5

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