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2011-10-06 10:29:59

I own a 2011 Grand Vitara (unchanged for 2012), Most of the slams you read about this car in American Press are simply not true. 1. They say it does not ride quite as well as the CRVs and Rav4s and all these car-like SUVs in this price range. They fail to mention the GV comes standard with on and off road tires which are designed to grab everything as all the others come with highway all season tires designed for soft ride instead. This hinders ride and mileage, but this a real 4X4 2. Acceleration- This 4cylinder (uses a timing chain no belt) gives my limited (full 4 way 4X4) o-60 consistently at 8 seconds, no match for my SLK but that is peppy for a 4Cyl SUV. 3. Noise GVs are packed with sound stopping material, it is far more sound isolating then any other in this price range. It may be they just started using so much sound deadening material. 4. The GV has brakes like claws, which may be helped by its 18 inch (yes 18s ******* like the US press reports) on & off tires but it has amazing stopping power it stops significantly shorter then my MB SLK roadster. 108' from 60MPH vs 115' and this has already saved me from a crash that would have happened in my SLK. 5. No Fake here. All of these 20-30K car-like SUV have uni-body Construction, real off-roaders need a fame, the Grand Vitira puts a full uni-body on a latter frame both. And with its 18 inch wheels has almost 9 inches of ground clearance (not the 7.9 reported) to let you take full advantage of its low range case. When you take every option Suzuki puts on it which is vast, Sun Roof, Climate control, Leather seats and side panels, GPS, full power, it still only lists for 26K. YouTube/MotorWeek/Grand Vitira and watch how its 50/50 weight distribution also eats up their sallom track. I am extremely pleased with the decision to buy the Grand Vitira. Because it is actually a real Utility Vehicle dressed up like a pretty little car instead of a little car turned into a utility

2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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