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I have owned 2 Mazda MX-5/Miatas. The first was a 2000 Miata LS. It was a nice car but the longevity of the seats, top, paint was lower than expected. It was Mica Green. It was equipped nicely. Bose Stereo. leather seats, etc. The 2012 Is a Sport model. Slightly trimmed down but nice. It has a standard radio. It has cloth seats but I replaced them with Katzin Leather seats - black with red stitching. It runs good now that they have boosted the engine size/horsepower. The 2000 was a 1.8 liter with 140 HP. The 2012 is a 2.0 liter with 167 HP. In 2019 they are boosting the HP to 181. It would be better if they put in a 2.5 or larger with up to 300 HP. That would be a sports car. This is the low end of the roadster/sports car. It handles great but cosmetically is missing a lot. The top could be cloth, seats better cloth of leather, Seats could be built to last more that 50K. The paint is atrocious. The hood and trunk on both cars faded and had white spots all over. The cloth seats tore on the side. The paint faded and chipped early. Overall a good running car. Low maintenance but expensive when done. I paid $1300 for a clutch from the dealer. I am happy but I have modified the car to have better seats. I am going to have it painted in the spring. I have replaced the clutch and tires making the brakes better. I did a hydroplane yesterday around a curve that I usually go around faster.. It has rained for weeks. There was a guy cut me off then road raged me for no reason. He was in a cheap disposable car. I passed him back up (me road rage). As I rounded the curve I slid sideways. I was able to pull it out of the slide - partially due to my driving skills, partly from the MX-5's handling. Note: 2000 was a Miata. On the 2012 the Miata was dropped and only the MX-5 was kept. It seems in West Palm Beach they are saying only gay guys drive Miata's. Mazda responded. They took off Miata only to replace it later after the Miata fans laughed and ridiculed Mazda for responding to such stupidity. This will be the last one I get as the newer ones are smaller. More power but the inside is just too cramped. The 2000 was a nice size. I have always thought the 2012 was too large. Mazda needs to stop trying to compete with everyone else unless they are going into the fast lane. The Porsche Boxer has more power, etc but is 2 times as high. The Nissan 370 is the same. They are going in the correct direction on power but need to stop downsizing it, unless they are done with senior citizens like me.

2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata

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