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5.0 out of 5

My Speed3

2012-02-08 14:53:01

At first i wasnt crazy about the looks, however it has grown on me in 3 months. Drviving the car really makes up for that front smiley face. Now i know why its smiling. For the price, i believe this is the best deal when you consider everything. First gear is ok but second and third is where i start to have a lot of fun and ive never been in a small car with so much get up and go in sixth gear doing 70mph. Everyday i look forward to getting in this car and having fun. Ive drivin several sports cars, corvettes, porsche just to name a couple, honestly this car is more fun than the newer vettes and fairly close to a porsche especially when you consider price. I am a true car enthusiast, maybe not the most knowledgeable but not bad. Drive it and i gaurrantee youll have fun.

2012 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

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