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Review of 2012 Kia Optima

2012-05-03 16:01:14

I bought a Volvo c70 8 years ago b/c I'd always heard that Volvos are durable and last a life time. While I did enjoy the car for about 2 years it started to get little 'quirks' wrong with it. I DO NOT abuse my cars, and with only 28,500 miles I finally had to trade it in. The roof leaked and the dashboard actually fell out! My friend owns a Kia and always raved about it. I first test drove a Honda and then a Kia Optima. My friend was right! The Kia is fabulous! The ride is smooth, the options can't be beat, the interior seating is the most comfortable I've encountered and the price of the car cannot be beat. My Optima has sooo many more options than the Honda Accord had and the price was actually $4500 cheaper. I have the car for 6 months now and whenever I'm driving it I am still amazed at the value and the comfort it offers!

2012 Kia Optima

2012 Kia Optima EX with tech and gps package

2012-04-30 14:53:55

53 years old, 23rd car that I have bought in my lifetime. Best car I have ever bought when you consider options, looks, handling and price. I was going to buy the Acura TL fully loaded was $38,421, I took it for a long test drive and was going to buy it but wanted to wait till my taxes refund was in my hands. In the mean time I am a bodyshop manager and received a 2012 Kia Optima in my shop that had been hit by a tractor trailer on rt 50 in Maryland. The car looks great inside where the driver and 2 pass. were, but the out side was destroyed $22,000 worth of damage, *********** me on the safty of the car, I purchase my Kia fully loaded for $25,995 and have been happy ever since. Cant go wrong folks, real nice car.

2012 Kia Optima

Review of 2012 Kia Optima

2012-03-03 09:48:23

I am delighted with my 2912 Kia Optima EX. It is packed with luxury features without a luxury pricetag. My Kia came complete with glass roof, navigation system, prremium stereo, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel and power seat and windows. What more can you ask and all for under $28000, the car perfoms well, the base engine is peppy and more than adequate. No turbo needed, Thus far I have drive the vehicle for 4,300 miles and have not had a single problem. I really enjoy driving the car, in fact I drive it far more often than my other car, a 2011 $60,000 Lexus.

2012 Kia Optima

Optima EX 2.4L GDI

2012-01-08 04:51:47

This car is a trend setter . It looked great on the dealer lot and it looks even better in my garage ! I have owned some excellent cars over the years . I had foreign sports cars back in the 60's - when we actually could tune and tweak them ourselves . Through the years with children on board there were mini vans and family sedans . My career has been in the cockpit of passenger airliners and the ride back and forth to the airport has called for a car that could be enjoyed like the airplane . That is a tough challenge . The Optima is filling the quest . I had an Infinity G-35 that was wonderfully engineered with more than enough hp and an interior than pampered and impressed all who rode with me . A diesel Passat was an example of German engineering that even my children could appreciate . The Kia is even more impressive with lots of attention to mechanical and aesthetic details . The 200 hp non turbo engine is not a screamer but moves the fairly heavy sedan with plenty of response that is very smoothly handled by a 6 speed automatic transmission that is silky . The body has lots of curves and accents . The twin chrome exhausts exit cleanly from the rear much like BMW has done so well with in its roadsters . The EX has a moon roof that looks great from the outside blended so beautifully in the roof line . And inside it provides a truly panoramic environment whether open or closed . It does take a small amount from headroom but the seats are highly adjustable electrically with memory . The leather seating and interior materials are excellent . I test drove everything out there and the Optima was an easy winner . The nav could be a bit more user friendly but with voice and buttons can be mastered . The screen is adequate in size and positioned just right . The entire "cockpit" is a pleasure to be in . The ride is smooth but could benefit from a bit better tire . Mileage is not terrific but acceptable considering the generous proportions of this very pleasing sedan .

2012 Kia Optima

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